Why I Do What I Do – A Story From The Startup Business’s Founder…

Several years ago I experienced one of those turning points – you could say I was at a cross road.

Up until then I had a very successful professional career helping businesses around the world to become more profitable. However it had its ups and downs like re-structures and work that was at times not at all that rewarding.

So after twenty five years, it finally occurred to me that this was not what I wanted – and surprisingly, it was travelling on the Mekong River in Cambodia where I made this distinction!

Flowing through China, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, & Vietnam, the Mekong River is the twelfth longest river in the world. There I was, travelling solo along this great river delta through Cambodia, hitching a ride on a old fishing boat. The hot sun beating down on me and the noise and smell of a diesel motor running constantly in the background. Nevertheless, I could quietly reflect on the landscape passing by. Rice paddies, banana plantations, small villages with their houses built on ten metre high stilts. Women washing clothes, men fixing nets, children swimming.

It was a very peaceful moment of sitting back and observing life go by. Yet suddenly I was struck by a sense of lack of purpose from what I had been doing professionally.

You see, much was around achieving and seeking some sort of significance, but in all reality, not fulfilling. For years I had been helping businesses setup, scale and sustain. However doing this and working for somebody else, typically meant trade-offs and even at times, compromising on my personal values.


Getting Clarity


So in that moment of clarity on the Mekong River, I realised it was time for change! I thought what if instead, I keep doing what I am really good at, but on my terms, not working for somebody else? What if I start my own business? What if I finally start practicing what I have been preaching to others all these years?

I then wrote this in my diary that set a new direction…

” I want to live and contribute anywhere at anytime “


Dr Ross McKenzie

Siem Reap – Cambodia


What Do You Want To Be?


For me, this was the catalyst to founding The Startup Business, the vehicle we use today, to support entrepreneurs globally… and while we are only just getting started, I am grateful to the impact we are making!

Because, where ever you are right now, maybe doing something you just don’t enjoy, or perhaps wanting to do much much more and make a difference, it always starts with the first step.

Dr Ross McKenzie

Dr Ross McKenzie

Applied Science Graduate – Charles Sturt University

Executive MBA – University NSW & Sydney University

Doctorate – Macquarie University

Senior Leadership – Capgemini, EDS (HP), Westpac Banking Corporation, National Australia Bank

Non Executive Director & Board Advisor

Member Australian Institute Of Company Directors

Member Singapore Institute Of Directors

Author, Speaker & Thought Leader

Leading Business Growth & Turnaround Expert For The New Economy – Industry 4.0

Founder & CEO – The Startup Business


Our Journey So Far…



Setup The Business!

We Form Our Company On The 6th November


First Office Opens

Our First Office Opens At Chifley Tower In The Sydney CBD


Melbourne Presence

We Establish A Melbourne Presence On Collins Street


Scale The Business

We Were Invited To Show Case The Startup Business At A London Entrepreneur Expo That Resulted In Rapid Global Expansion


Recognised Thought Leader

Our Founder, Dr Ross McKenzie, Was Invited To Become A Microsoft Brand Ambassador, Plus Invited To Speak At The Annual Investment Meeting & Startup Convention At Dubai


Sustain The Business

We Established Strategic Technology Partnerships With Freshworks & UiPath, As Well As Dr Ross McKenzie Being Asked To Speak In Dubai For The Second Year In A Row, Plus Speak At The CeBit Expo In Sydney


Press Pause

We Established A Partnership To Create A New Event Business Called APAC Forums, However Covid Changed Those Plans Very Fast, So We Ended Up Spending A Whole Year Rethinking Our Future Direction While Working From Home!


Reinvent The Business

As The World Resets, We Have Decided On A New Direction For The Startup Business – The First Step Of Which Is Proudly Being Accepted As A Member Of Singapore’s Institute Of Directors

2022 & Beyond

South East Asia Focus

While There Are Numerous Travel Restrictions Still In Place, Plans Are Well Underway For Our South East Asia Launch Of The Startup Business School

Why Do We Do It?


We believe in Learn, Lead, Legacy and being a force for good.

Because you must continue to Learn today as we are living in ever-changing and disruptive times.

But of course, learning and not stepping up, is not an option today. As much as this may take you out of your comfort zone, you must step up and Lead, and when you do, you lead by example.

You be the standard that others look up to.

Lastly, and most importantly to us, is what we do. Because what we seek to achieve is to be sustainable and to make a difference, an impact, a Legacy.

That’s why we do what we do.

Discover How We Can Help You Setup Your Startup Business Or Scale & Sustain Your Existing Business…


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