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Are You Applying The Right Amount Of Leverage To Your Customers Pains & Pleasures?

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world” – Archimedes

Human nature is fascinating don’t you think? Consider this…

If there was a bush fire coming towards your house and I told you about it, would you do something?

Hopefully yes!

Then what about, even if there was no immediate threat of danger, but I told you that your house is in a bush fire prone region and if you do not trim the trees around your property, you are exposing yourself to a bigger risk – would you act?

Possibly some of you would delay it!

Now, think about something more pleasurable…

Suppose you had a choice of receiving $100,000 dollars today, versus a larger amount in ten years’ time? Which would you choose?

Well of course it depends on the amount, you would say. However, there is probably a point in that equation where there is a threshold or tipping point of which the logical answer is replaced by the perception of value – an emotional response.

You see, most of us are actually seeking to fulfil our emotional needs first and then later, support those decisions rationally or logically.

The challenge of course in business is that your customers are continually oscillating between perceived or emotional pain to perceived emotional pleasures. So in order for you or your business to have the greatest impact, that is, for your customers to take the desired actions, you need to ensure you optimise both of these levers of pain and pleasure.

To do this, we need to create the “ultimate pain and pleasure chamber” that incorporates both emotion and logic – rational and the irrational!

Let me explain what I mean…

When designing your products, services or offers, you need to take time to brainstorm all the possible pains that your customer currently experiences (or could) that will go away and also all the possible pleasures that they could potentially experience, if they buy your product.

One way I help my clients with this, is to use the following illustration…

The Startup Business Ultimate Pain & Pleasure ChamberIf you are only focusing on their “pains” you will have some leverage as will be the case if you only focus on the “pleasures”. Equally true is that if you only focus on the logical, rational and tangible you will only get so far.

Another way to conceptualise this, is to use the analogy of a steel crow bar to demolish or “lever” an old brick wall. If you come in too high with the crow bar (focusing on pain only), it will be difficult for you to place sufficient force or leverage, while coming in too low with the crow bar (focusing on pleasure only) will give you limited leverage. Equally the length of your crow bar will also influence how much leverage you have.

So next time when you are creating offers or positioning your products and services, make sure you are using the “ultimate pain and pleasure chamber” so that you will have the most optimal leverage for your customers to make decisions today!