Dr Ross McKenzie The Startup Business Sales 2016 03 30

Attention: Old World Businesses Can Strike Back!

Do you have a business, a more traditional business, you know the ones I mean, from the old world?

If so, what percentage of your leads or revenue are coming from online sources?

Have you been tracking this over the years since you have been in business?

Is the proportion of your online leads and sales increasing compared to your non-digital channels?

If not, why not?

Because if you just do some quick research via Google, I think you would find it difficult to come across any statistics or research that are indicating online sales declining!

It is of course the complete opposite – regardless of industry or geography, or even product niche, online sales (or leads generated from online) continue to grow at a rapid rate each year.

Sure there are ups and downs, but more compelling is the proportion of online sales compared to the traditional channels such as over the counter.

So what this means then, if you are not keeping up today, not growing the proportion of your online leads or sales in comparison to your traditional channels, you are missing a huge opportunity. Or worse, letting your business decline.

This is the paradigm shift that many businesses are still trying to figure out, or are in denial about – even after all these years

At the same time, new entrants into your market, without pre-conceived ideas or paradigms that you may have are being disruptive and changing the rules of business in the meantime.

So what side of the story do you want to stand on?

The old world or the new world?

Don’t let this happen with you and your business.

Strike a strategic blow today.

Initiate your Digital Strategy…

You Educational Based Marketing Strategy…

You Content Management Strategy…

I know all this takes work to do, but you have to do it otherwise you will be stuck in the old world and while that may be comfortable for now, it will become a lonely place for you and your business.

Most of the large social media platforms have been around now for over ten years, some coming up to 15 years – long enough to change whole generations.

You have to decide where you fit in.