Back Office Outsourcing For Global Corporation

Aug 6, 2019 | Case Studies

Back office outsourcing for an Australian based global corporation, provided cost effective capability in a market of declining profit margins.


The Client


Our client, an Australian company providing state-of-art technology supply chain management based solutions, to global corporations worldwide and revolutionising the Australian dairy and produce industries.


The Business Challenge


The state-of-art technology supply chain management based solutions required to be augmented around a team of specialists. This team needed to be highly trained and capable of processing all types of customer requests and related processes.


The Back Office Outsourcing Solution


A specialist team was established to manage all aspects of order processing. Integration within Phykon’s infrastructure, was key to ensure business continuity and round the clock uninterrupted service. Continuous improvement practices ensured client process times were improved. Additional tools, business intelligence reports and dashboards were implemented to show business status resulting in raised quality standards compared to industry standards.


The Results


A reduction in time taken to process orders with prompt, accurate and satisfactory resolution of all issues related to the new platform was obtained. At the same time, the efficient and effective management of pre-delivery aspects of every customer of our client, was achieved. This ultimately improved experience, allowed our client to step out of the day to day operations and focus on more strategically important aspects of the business.


The Benefits



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