Be Careful – 20 Years Can Go By Before You Know It

r Ross McKenzie The Startup Business Strategy 2016 04 20

What were you doing twenty years ago?

Can you remember?

If you were with me twenty years ago, almost to the date, 1996, you would have found me in Hawaii.

I was attending a week-long event with people from all around the world.

But I almost pulled out at the last moment and not attend!

Back then I was a young man with lots of dreams but no confidence.

Yet there I was, about to climb a pole where the objective was to jump off at the very top!

As I started to climb the pole I could feel it swing further and further around.

The higher I got the more it swung.

My hands are trembling from fear.

Then I hear a deep rasping voice below…

“What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”

I looked down and could see the big man himself, the giant both in stature and in heart – Tony Robbins

If you don’t know about Tony, he is the world leading performance expert.

He has coached business and sports people, even leaders of countries…

And now he was at the bottom of my pole cheering me on.

“Ross McKenzie think about this as your life – this pole is your life, do you step up, or do you sit it out?”

“Only you can decide!”

“Think about what does this mean for you!”

You can imagine what that might have been like!

I felt a greater sense of purpose than I had ever felt before.

I was in a peak state to conquer my fears!

For me, this was about stepping up, to overcome my fears and my doubts.

Just thinking about that time twenty years ago, makes me emotional.

Because I know how close I was to sitting on the side lines of life all those years ago.

Are you sitting on the side-lines of your life right now?

What will your life look like in twenty years’ time?

Will it be different to what it is now?

The decisions you make can put you on a different path.

A different destiny.

I made a decision that day to step up which changed my life forever.

Now looking back, I can appreciate what Steve Jobs meant when he said…

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward you can only connect them looking backwards”

It has not always been easy.

Road blocks have come my way.

But I also recognise that compared to most people on this planet, I have been incredibly blessed.

I also know I have not always made the most of what I have had.

But here’s what I have learned…

No matter where you are today or what resources you have or have not.

It is the decisions you make that will ultimately define who you are.

Whether that is in your personal life, professional life or businesses.

Decisions are the conduit to destiny.

How will the decisions you make today influence who you become in 2036?




noun: decision; plural noun: decisions

a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration

“I’ll make the decision on my own”

1425-75; late Middle English decisioun < Middle French < Latin dēcīsiōn- (stem of dēcīsiō) literally, a cutting off, equivalent to dēcīs

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