Business Coaching For Yoga Practitioners

Aug 3, 2019 | Case Studies

Business coaching for a yoga practitioner based in London resulted in successfully reinventing and differentiating their business in a competitive market.


The Client


A well respected London based yoga practitioner had established a loyal following after years in business.

However the business had plateaued.

Revenue was just breaking even. Furthermore, her existing clients were not prepared to pay more for her services.

In addition, the joy of having her own business was turning into a nightmare. It was no longer the business she dreamed about having.

In short, she wanted to increase her brand value and charge more.

Importantly she wanted to have a business that could support her full time and be sustainable.

Otherwise the other choice she had was to exit.

Something had to change!


The Business Challenge


Therefore the challenge was to find a way to attract clients who would pay more. In addition, we needed to find a way to better leverage her time as an “expert” in terms of providing additional services.

Finally, we needed to find a way for her business model to be sustainable. This meant building a pipeline of leads and prospects who would eventually become clients.


The Business Coaching Solution


Business coaching sessions were established with our client via video calls. Secondly, a twelve month plan was agreed on. For instance, this included both defining her business goals and who her target market is.

Then using tools like Google Maps, we searched for similar businesses in her area of London. Next, we were then able to identfiy gaps in the market place where there were no yoga practitioners operating. Finally we prioritised these locations on socio-economic factors. This resulted us finding the ideal location for our target market with no competition! Plus, as our client’s business was mobile, we moved straight in to these new locations to offer new yoga services to clients prepared to pay more.

In addition, we also crafted additional yoga offerings. For example, free classes, group classes, international retreats and workshops were created.

Similarily, all social media was set up. Further, we also acquired new domain names for marketing campaigns. While at the same time we also created new optin pages with attractive offers supported by 24×7 email automation.


The Results


The big result for our client was to be able to go full time in her business. This was achieved within twelve months of commencing business coaching.

In addition, our client was able to have a trusted mentor to “check in” with. While at the same time, our client was able to receive advice on how to create ongoing momentum for her business.

This was achieved through our business coaching method of explaining what to do first. Next, demonstrating how to do it. After that, encouraging the client to do it her self.

Consequently, this led to a higher understanding by our client as to what success is.

In other words, giving her the confidence in her business through four specfic outcomes…

First, she has acquired new clients who pay her more.

Secondly, she has clients not just from London, but internationally.

Thirdly, she now leverages digital marketing techniques to add value to her clients.

Finally, she has embraced technology to make running her business easier.


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