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We view business coaching as an accelerator to achieve your results faster. However finding the right coach to compliment your specfic circumstances is essential. Because not all business coaches practice what they preach. Furthermore, not all coaches have achieved the same types of results that you may be seeking. 

At The Startup Business, our approach is simple. We basically share the lessons we have learned ourselves that has led to success and failure. In otherwords, we show you how we have built a global and sustainable business!

Thats why we have designed three custom Business Coaching and Mentoring services to help you grow and scale your business in The New Economy – Industry 4.0.


Our Business Coaching and Mentoring Services…

The Walk Mentor & Business Coaching Program

The Run Mentor & Business Coaching Program

The Sprint Mentor & Business Coaching Program

What To Expect

Our Business Coaching partnership, is about providing you with the independent mentorship and personal accountability. This helps you to keep you focused while challenging your views with new perspectives to achieve your goals.

While we do have a framework, we want to ensure our partnership together is bespoke to your specific needs. A cookie cutter approach just does not work here.

Ultimately, Business Coaching is an accelerator. Most people know to some degree the direction they want to be heading (or away from), Business Coaching just helps you focus and gives you clarity to get things done.


How This Will Work For You

Depending upon the Business Coaching package, you select to meet your needs, you will schedule in advance, regular video teleconferences with Dr Ross McKenzie. Here we will cover agreed agenda items. This is important as it establishes a working rhythm where we meet to discuss progress, challenges, solutions, and opportunities.

The length of these sessions will be at least 90 minutes, but if more time is required then we will certainly extend beyond that if needed. Rather than look at clocks, let’s look at outcomes.

These sessions will also be recorded for you to access afterwards and, some of these sessions may be in person (where logistics line up for both of us).


Our Business Coaching Partnership Methodology

Once we agree there is great alignment between each other, we will kick off the partnership utilising our Business Coaching Methodology.

For you, this means some initial homework or “pre-work” before our first session, of which may or may not be challenging.


Where Are You At

Big Dream Statement – this is you writing out a broad statement of what you are wanting to achieve for your ideal business lifestyle. For example, for me, many years ago, my Big Dream Statement was “to live and contribute anywhere”. Now that statement can be interpreted in thousands of ways, but for me, it had a specific meaning which ultimately drove the model of my businesses today – and, still continues to do so.

Future State – this is where we go deeper into your statement, using what we call The 5 Imperatives Of Highly Successful Businesses™ accelerator. What does your future ideal business strategy look like, what is the sales and marketing approach? How will you serve your targeted market? What support do you need and how can you systemise your business effectively?

Current State – where are you currently at, in terms of The Five Imperatives? This is your starting point where we need to build from. Also, after we do this, we can start to both qualify and quantify the gap that we need to close.

SWOT – often underutilised, the SWOT or Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats Model, is where we can start to develop possible actions that will close the gap from our current state or circumstances, to our future state or where we want to be.


Building Your Road Map To Where You Want To Be

At this stage, depending upon where your starting from, you also may include in your Pre-Work, your next 12 month goals or objectives. However, these initial inputs will be validated in our first session of which the desired outcome after this, is to create a 12 Month Road Map and include:

12 Month Objectives – these objectives are aligned to your overall Big Dream Statement. Depending upon circumstances, we can expand on these, in which you may have a multiple year plan.

Quarterly Milestones – this is breaking down your 12 months into four parts and allows us to maintain a check point to your progress. If the plan needs to change we can do so, but it is important to understand at these milestones, the specific reasons as to why this may be required.

Monthly Outcomes – these outcomes drive the conversations during our sessions together. Are there additional resources you require to support your progress, or are there road blocks we need to remove? By taking decisive action at these times will ensure we keep to plan.

Fortnightly / Weekly Actions – depending upon the Business Coaching package (Walk, Run Sprint), we may have additional sessions Fortnightly or Weekly. Regardless, there will still be things you need to do independently of our sessions. That is where you will make the most progress – your actions will drive your progress.

Philosophy Statement – this may seem a little odd, but trust me on this! It was not until I aligned my values and what I believed in, to my professional and business goals, did my business take off and importantly the levels of personal fulfillment increase. This is my Learn Lead Legacy – and while this evolved over time for me, I want to help you achieve the same.


Deliverables / Templates

In terms of deliverables, we will put in place various templates which can be shared between each other that support the method we have described above. The format of these can vary according to your needs, however we will make some suggestions on a case by case basis.



To facilitate our collaboration together, there are several tools we also need to put in place, and at a minimum they will be:

Zoom Video – for communication and also recording our live sessions and multi parties

Trello Task Management – for tracking of activities and accountability

Dropbox – for storage of shared artifacts



You will have direct email access to Dr Ross McKenzie and also The Startup Business 24×7 Concierge Team. What this means, is that even between our sessions, you can reach out to us for any additional clarity required on aspects of your business coaching.


Intellectual Property Protection

While our business coaching partnership is based on trust, we want to also provide you with additional protection. So as an option for you, we can sign a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect our collective intellectual property.


Additional Value & Insights

As a client of The Startup Business, you will also be able to leverage our broader capabilities. What this means is you will be able to access our:

  • Technology Advisory
  • Outsourcing Advisory
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Online Business Seminars & Resources
  • Industry Introductions


Efficient & Effective Administration

Finally, we have implemented efficient & effective administration to make dealing with us easy. So if you ever have concerns you can contact The Startup Business 24×7 Concierge Team at any time.


How You Will Grow & Scale Your Business In 12 Months With Our Business Coaching Partnership

While we will create a detailed 12 Month Road Map designed specifically for you, it could resemble something like this in which we would work together to implement…

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