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Aug 6, 2019 | Case Studies

Business consulting services was provded to an Australian engineering startup who had developed a new approach to turn-key construction.


The Client


An Australian engineering and building startup, developed a new approach to turn-key construction, leveraging cloud based technologies.


The Business Challenge


Our client’s key objective was to ensure that their business is able to rapidly scale and easily be replicated in a franchisee / licensee model.


The Business Consulting Solution


The Startup Business provided a strategic solution including assessing multiple integrated technology SAAS partners and supplemented with a 24×7 offshore support team.


The Results


The solution and roadmap has allowed our client to rapidly move from planning and now into implementation.


The Benefits



Do You Want To Grow and Scale Your Business?


Would you like to…

Reinvent And Differentiate?

Increase Your Revenue?

Reduce Your Costs?

Future Proof Your Business?

Create Long Term Business Value?

Then speak to our experts in your confidential consultation.

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Learn How The Startup Business Can Help You


The Startup Business, The Startup Business School, and The Startup Business Club are the premier business communities for The New Economy – Industry 4.0.

In other words, we are a place where you can learn how to build a successful business.

For example, a place to learn how to market like a pro. Where you can connect with experts. Above all, where you can get strategies and tools to grow and scale your business.

Because we help Professionals, Startups, SMBs, SMEs, and Corporates, to grow and scale.

And we do this in four ways…

Business and Technology Education

Entrepreneur Mentoring and Business Coaching

Startup and Business Advisory

Automation and Outsourcing

In short, we want to help you make a difference.

Above all, our promise is to make business easy for you.

The Results Our Clients Achieve…

20% Client Customer Growth
37% Revenue Increase
29% Cost Reduction
23% Profit Increase
30% Business Value Growth

The Impact We Are Making…

1021 Clients Helped
30+ Years In The Game
19 Countries Our Clients Are From
102 Thought Leadership Articles Written
120 Hours Free Training Provided Annually

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