Do You Make Your Business Automation Decisions As If You Were Buying From A Swedish Catalogue?

The Startup Business - Dr Ross McKenzieHave you ever purchased from that well-known Swedish home furnishes store?

I mean the whole experience is something isn’t it!

From collecting the catalogue with note paper and pencil and then proceeding through all the show cases that meander for kilometres.

Some of these stores are so big that there are several stops along the way to take a break.

It’s actually like Disneyland!

It also shows how far we have come from our hunter and gatherer ancestors!

Yeah really!

The real adventure starts however once you make your purchases (yes always plural) and head home and attempt to transform those flat packs into something that resembled what originally caught your attention!

Do you read the instructions first or do you just dive in and have a go at it?

Well automating your business is a little bit like this.

We see all the bright shiny objects, the apps, the software as a service and we can see all the great testimonials and case studies from other businesses, so surely it will be perfect for our business wont it!.

Well until you have to implement it into your business!

You see as much as we seek standardisation, there is always something bespoke required.

That is why I’ve now come to realise from countless conversations with my clients, that not many businesses actually know what the critical criteria is or should be, when it comes to selecting the right automation tools and platforms for their specific business.

You see, many entrepreneurs and businesses rush into buying and implementing a particular tool-set as a result of prior experience, misconceptions, bias and literally a lack of knowledge of what is available in the market today and what would be a more strategic fit, which ultimately leads to poor decision making, financial inefficiency or just pure waste.

There is also another group of entrepreneurs and businesses that keep putting off making decisions because they are waiting for the perfect tool to do everything!

However, in reality there is no one perfect tool, so this “non-decision” is also wasting valuable resources due to the lost productivity gains achievable when delaying the implementation of the right tools.

The name of the game therefore, is to implement the right tools that are scalable, while cost effective and are compatible to be integrated into your broader business ecosystem, whether that be with other application tool sets, or with other users such as customers, suppliers or outsourced service providers providing the ultimate seamless experience.

Identifying the right tools to increase your business’ productivity can be challenging!

Technology nowadays provides us with a lot of programs and applications to work with. Choosing which one is best would entail careful selection to maximise the potential of your business and to ensure that it is worth your money. Automation and productivity tools should be able to save you time, money and provide additional capabilities.

Automation and productivity go hand in hand.

They are different, but one cannot live without the other. Think of automation and productivity as cause and effect. Automation is your cause; productivity is the effect.