Automation & Outsourcing For Entrepreneurs, Startups, SMB's & SME's

We Help Entrepreneurs, Startups, SMB’s and SME’s To Reduce Costs, Increase Capacity & Expand Capability With Automation & Outsourcing

Our Automation & Outsourcing Services Focuses On Helping You Grow & Scale Your Business – Either As Pug In Capabilities & Packages, Or Complete Custom Designed Solutions…

STRATEGY | Market Segmentation & Research

We will help you Segment your target market into specific categories that may include demographics, economics or social criteria, which you can then create offers, products and services that have higher conversion rates

STRATEGY | SEO Research & Analysis

We will identify and define all the key search words and key phrases that your target customers use when they are searching for businesses that provide the same services like you, as well as how your competitors are ranked on Google for these same SEO words, so that you can stand out from the crowd

STRATEGY | Product Design & Creation

We will help you to design and create a product and service portfolio, to provide your targeted customers with the “next logical step” in their relationship with you including free opt ins, low value, medium value and high value offers

SALES | Social Media Management

We will help you identify and create the essential social media platforms you need and The Startup Business Social Media Team will then manage these platforms, by posting rich and relevant content plus interact with your followers to build brand awareness in the eyes of your targeted customers  

SALES | Sales Funnels Management

We will set up and maintain your key sales landing pages and funnels using our preferred technology application Clickfunnels, with “calls to action” and connect them to other applications like email responders, webinars, cloud storage, calendar appointment bookings etc, allowing you to free up your time to do what you do best

SALES | Lead Generation Services

We will help you grow your business with our Lead Generation Services through our multi channel platforms and out-bound call centre team of passionate professionals

SERVICE | Email & Business Automation

We will set up and maintain your key email opt in automation needs, using our preferred email automation responder MailChimp, including your prospects first welcome email series, as a result of them responding to calls to action for things like “down load this free guide”, or “register for this webinar” etc

SERVICE | Technology Application Integration

We will identify the key technology applications in your business that require to be integrated in order for data to be transferred, doing this directly using shared API, or if not possible, using our third party application Zapier, in order to do so providing you and your customers an awesome and efficient experience

SERVICE | 24x7 Customer Service Desk

We will help you set up a common email or message box and then manage all your customer inquiry emails or messages that are received, with 24×7 The Startup Business Concierge Team, giving your prospects and customers immediate attention and setting expectations for the resolution of their questions

SUPPORT | SMART Office Admin

We will provide you with our SMART Office Admin services that will take care of the more repetitive tasks in your business, so that your time can focus on the more important aspects of your business

SUPPORT | SMART Accounting

We will provide you with our SMART Accounting services that will compliment your existing financial capabilities – no task is too small!


We will help you to secure your business, by identifying potential weaknesses in your virtual and physical security and then work with you to develop a corrective action plan because we want you to sleep well each night!

SUSTAIN | Quarterly Reviews

We can provide you with ongoing Quarterly Reviews of your business, to ensure you are building momentum and issues are being addressed, when they need to be addressed – that way you will grow and scale at a faster rate

SUSTAIN | Independent Assurance Services

Some times you need an onsite team to act as an independent party – whether this be for audits of finances, due diligence of investments or reviews of projects – either way, we can provide you with this Independent Assurance

SUSTAIN | Sales Campaign Management

We can provide you with end to end Sales Campaign Management utilising our 12 week bespoke methodology for your sales campaigns across multiple channels

CUSTOM | Knowledge & Business Processes

The Startup Business highly trained process management personnel provides comprehensive solutions for knowledge processes by undertaking and assisting in services including Data Entry, Order Processing, Accounting

CUSTOM | Robotic Process Automation

Our expertise in Robotic Process Automation will ensure you achieve optimal efficiencies and a maximum ROI

CUSTOM | Software & Technical Services

The Startup Business Software & Technical Services help leverage businesses to improve lead generation & customer satisfaction by providing competent technical resolutions and comprehensive and sophisticated Website and Software Application Packages that are crafted to perfection

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