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Yoga Practice Entrepreneur Business Coaching

The Client Story... A London based part time experienced Yoga Practitioner, was seeking to scale her business by providing additional offerings to her clients, while become better positioned in the market to reflect her overall value proposition. The Business...


Global Outsourcing Business Consulting For Startups

The Client Case Study... An Australian engineering and building startup, developed a new approach to turn-key construction, leveraging cloud based technologies. The Business Challenge... Our client’s key objective was to ensure that their business is able to rapidly...


Online Lead Generation Outsourcing For SMB’s & SME’s

The Client Case Study... A newly created UK based, professional services firm, providing business consulting and individual professional coaching, was seeking ways to grow their business. The Business Challenge... Our client wanted to utilise the latest digital...

Administration & Technical Support Outsourcing For SMB’s & SME’s

The Client Case Study... As a Canadian based solopreneur, our client regularly travels globally, presenting to potential clients and educating existing clients and students, their highly sort after expertise. The Business Challenge... A key objective of this client,...

Content Management & Social Media Outsourcing For SMB’s & SME’s

The Client Case Study... As a busy professional transitioning to their own business full time, our client sought to expand their social media presence, in order to support their re-branding from an employee, to an industry thought leader. The Business Challenge......

eCommerce Web Site Development Outsourcing For SMB’s & SME’s

The Client Case Study... The leading online ecommerce business -, sells fair trade products from disadvantaged communities around the world. The Business Challenge... To migrate from an aging custom ecommerce website to a Shopify platform,...

Front Office Customer Support Outsourcing For SMEs & SMBs

The Client Case Study... Often referred to as the “finest source of all travel needs” in their category, our client is a leading US based, online travel agent, that provides competitive offers on quality hotels, airfares and vacation packages. The Business...

Back Office Administration Support Outsourcing For Startups

The Client Case Study... Our client, an Australian company providing state-of-art technology supply chain management based solutions, to global corporations worldwide and revolutionising the Australian dairy and produce industries. The Business Challenge... The...

Front Office Technical Support Outsourcing For SMEs & SMBs

The Client Case Study... As an authorised distributor of wireless IP network cameras in the US, marketing and distributing these cameras for customers across North America, Europe and Australia, our client required urgent assistance. The Business Challenge... Due to...

Hear What Our Entrepreneurial & Startup Client’s Have To Say About Working With Us…

I had never delivered a webinar before. As I’m not a huge techie, while I was excited about presenting the webinar, I was sweating the technical side. I approached Ross as I’d experienced his webinars and knew he had extensive experience delivering them.

Ross took total responsibility for everything technical, from the sign up page to the landing page to moderating the webinar and providing the follow-up data.

His intention to really understand my needs meant that I had certainty that I’d be able to deliver a webinar that looked professional, one I could be proud of and I’d be left to focus on my strengths.

Ross provided advice on the best platform to use, how best to market the webinar, the slideshow presentation and ways to create high levels of engagement when presenting.

I really appreciated Ross’ depth of knowledge, his calm demeanour, the curiosity with which he approached the process and his encouragement. It was very much tailored to my needs and I found his guidance and wisdom invaluable. I’m delighted to say it was a memorable experience for all the right reasons! I got great feedback from participants on the professionalism of the event.

I would highly recommend Ross to anyone who is not confident with technology, and those looking to deliver a professional webinar who would prefer to focus their energies on the front end – the presenting.

Nicole Davidson

The Savvy Soulmate, Australia

As a busy owner of several medical practices, Ross and The Startup Business helped me take a strategic view on how I should position my business and create the right digital assets that align to my future vision. I know Ross will always be available to answer my questions or bounce ideas around.

Rick McKee

Founder & CEO | The Medical Practice, Australia

All the information and resources have been really useful and very practical for my business.

How it is all put together has been really well thought out, particular using the latest technology such as the New Kajabi platform.


Entrepreneur, USA

I want to tell you about how much The Startup Business has helped me in putting my ideas together to create a business.

I really feel I have all the basics in place now to grow my business.


Entrepreneur, Germany

The support I have received from everyone at The Startup Business has been amazing – where no request is too small for them.

All the tools and systems that they’re using in their business, are all on the cutting edge – so you can check them out first before you implement them.


Entrepreneur, USA

Working with Dr Ross McKenzie was a total pleasure, he is a heartfelt leader, who has a passion to help others to succeed. He has integrity and he is hardworking as well as being one of the most connected human beings on the planet!

Dr Cheryl Chapman

Multiple Award-Winning Speaker & Trainer , Manchester, England

Hi Dr Ross,

There are many that offer training for starting online business but I only selected to join your course after webinar. The course was excellent in giving what we need and to the point. It is something that we can start right away. I found that it was inspiring and easy to follow. Your explanation is very clear and precise to the point which is the style I like.

After the course, it gave me the confidence to start and I started contacting you to see if you can do personal coaching. Your response was timely and helpful. Without even committing anything, you have started giving advice and guiding to set me the right path. In addition, you have also given motivation and found my purpose. I now set to start this journey. With your help, I am sure the success is within reach and my mission will be accomplished.

Thank you, Dr Ross to help me to this far and look forward to continue this journey with you.

Bhada Sinhaphalin

Entrepreneur, Thailand

I have been wanting to start my own business for a long time, but just did not know what to do first.

The training and support I have received has just been awesome and I am now on my way!


Entrepreneur, USA

I wasn’t sure at first, but now I feel much more prepared to set up my business the right way and really make a difference.


Entrepreneur, Canada

Ross and The Startup Business have been really helpful in coaching me on how to set up my business the right way – thanks!


Entrepreneur, Australia

What Ross has done with The Startup Business, has taken the best from everyone and put it in one package.

There are webinars, coaching calls, videos, like you name it, Ross has thought of everything – even 24/7 support with his team in India!


Entrepreneur, Australia

The Startup Business has supported us in running and organising events for our customers and with Ross’ leadership we were able to grow our business.

Nitesh Naveen

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, 1.21GWS – A Business Consulting Brand by Markpro

I had never thought of myself as ‘a thought leader’ so a great thank you, it will be my dream to reach out and help thousands of people.

Fred Juma

Author - A Winning Character, England

The value I have got out of all the training and one-on-one coaching from The Startup Business has been phenomenal.

In particular, Ross has been terrific, making sure that all the training was relevant for my specific business.


Entrepreneur, USA

I’ve learned more about business in the last 3 months than in the last 3 years – thank you very much!


Entrepreneur, USA

I have always struggled to come up with ways to take my business to the next level and doing all the training and working through all the other resources from The Startup Business, I am now more confident than ever.

If I can do it – you certainly can!


Entrepreneur, Australia

If I think where I was just 3 months ago to where I am now, it’s amazing.

I am now more focused than ever, but most importantly I really believe in what I am doing – big thanks to Ross and The Startup Business!


Entrepreneur, Romania

Overall, the value that I am getting when added all up, is way beyond what I am paying!

If you are thinking about starting your own business, then you should seriously check out The Startup Business.


Entrepreneur, India

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