How A Coach Can Open Your Eyes

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“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” – Nelson Mandela

Sometimes we get stuck in life.

I know I have.

It’s like you are comfortable, but when you really look around you, you don’t like what you see, so instead you close your eyes again.

You fill the vacuum with things that perhaps let you fit in, but they do not provide the meaning you seek.

Don’t get me wrong, we need to have fun, play and be entertained. But we also need purpose as well.

Of course this is different to all of us, nevertheless I believe we must seek it, to feel really alive.

Yet, at least from my experience, I did not grow up with the necessary life skills to help me find what my true purpose is.

Sure a caring family upbringing, with adults around me with sound morale compasses to guide them as role models, but I needed a guide or a coach. Somebody who had the life experience and the wisdom but also the humanity.

Over 20 years ago I was fortunate to come across Tony Robbins. Like so many others, literally the hundreds if not millions of people would say, this was a life changing experience. For me it was certainly a catalyst which resulted me taking a different path and while there have been distractions and time when I went back “to sleep”, there were some fundamental principles that I learned then, that have served me every day since.

Basically it was the realisation that I am as a result of my beliefs. There was no pre-determined rule that I had to be anyone specific, it was my beliefs that were driving this.

It is these beliefs that form my identity and as such, ultimate potential.

This of course then influences what I do on a daily basis, my actions and then the cycle starts again. From actions lead results which gives me experience of which I ask myself questions that will lead to new beliefs being formed, or re-enforcing old ones.

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I must say, the way my “coach” Tony teaches it, seems so simple, but for me, it has taken many years to fully comprehend how profound this model is and I continue to apply this nearly every day.

Now if this is new to you, well I would suggest that you need to follow-up by getting to one of Tony’s seminars to hear it from the legend himself, but even if you just take a moment or two right now and think about the beliefs you may have that are possibly preventing you from moving forward?

You see, I meet with many business owners, entrepreneurs and startups each day. One thing I have realised in this community is the belief systems that many of these people have. However, as some of these entrepreneurs have shared with me, there were many self-limiting beliefs that they needed to change.

For me, I call this “re-wiring” the brain – for some reason that resonates more elegantly- I can sort of picture in my mind as to what I am trying to achieve.

So while I have had many coaches since that first interaction with Tony Robbins in 1993 (and I have subsequently been attending various seminars of Tony’s since), all these coaches, roles models, mentors and guides, have contributed to me formulating new distinctions and insights. As a result, where I am today, is a vastly different place than I would have every thought possible or imagined 23 years ago.

Coaching has led to life changing experiences by ways of opening my eyes to the world of possibility.

What could coaching do for you and how might your life change?

Could it be that a new experience will result in new beliefs and a shift in identify that provides a different perspective on your potential. What if this new “potential” then drives a different set of action where now you are getting a different set of results?

Could it be possible that your destiny has been changed?

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