How To Create Long Term Business Value

How to create long term business value in The New Economy is about being systems focused and executing campaigns. Discover more in your FREE consultation.

The Imperative Of Sustainability For Your Business

The business Imperative Of Sustainability, ensures you are focusing on working “on your business and not in your business” as Michael Gerber, author of the eMyth says. What this means is that simultaneously you have implemented systems to help you plan, manage, campaign and re-invent your business, so that you remain relevant and sustainable into the future.

To help you do this, we use The 4 M Business Momentum Method™ of which there are four components…

When you set up a new business, or a new division of your existing business, it is important to have a thorough understanding of how this new business will work and typically, this is achieved through what we like to call “Model The Business To Create Advocacy”, or a business plan.

Typically this includes a document with Executive Summaries To Sell Ideas, Management Team Who Will Make The Money, What You Are Really Selling, Riding Industry Trends, Marketing: The Plan Within The Plan, How Does Your Business Work, Expressing Your Ideas In Financial Terms, Enlightening Extras, and finally for some, The Pitch.

Once your business is up and running, it is an imperative that a working rhythm is established where there is a series of key activities that form what we call a Management Operating System.

At a minimum, this means getting good at Time Management, Email Management and Social Media and Delegation. It also means ensuring specific Tasks & Activities do take place in a planed way.

If all you are doing is selling and not running disciplined marketing campaigns, then it could be that you are missing a significant revenue potential. However, the key is “disciplined” and what this means is that over twelve weeks, four times a year, you are running a specific campaign on top of your business as usual activities.

To do this effectively it starts with planning including setting Goals, defining a Target, Method, Process, Tools, Assets, Themes, then the Implementation, followed by the Conversion and lastly Evaluate your results – then start again!

Our last focus, but probably the most important of all, is the ability for your business to be sustainable. Now depending on where you are coming from, there are many approaches to sustainability.

At The Startup Business, we take the view from the big picture – The UN Sustainability Goals, then embrace the McKinsey & Company approach where business sustainability is viewed across three key areas: Growth, Value and Risk.

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