Creating Demand & Getting Paid More Must Be A Priority

Because today, social selling and social reputation, has become the norm. It is so easy for your target customers or clients. To make decisions about you, long before they even interact with you.

How you are perceived, is critical in terms of whether you will stand out in the crowd.

Do you want to become highly sought after and in demand? Get the rewards of success that follows that only the few achieve? Because the alternative is just blending in with the crowd. Not being recognised like most end up experiencing, and the consequences of failure that follows in the longer term.

Because It’s Not About Solutions Your Customers Are Seeking

Let’s be very clear on this… they are not sitting back thinking I need this specific expert, or this specific product or service. They are in pain. And its your job to relate to that pain and show them how they can move away from what they don’t want, and move towards what they do want. In other words, your job is to help them transform.

However, this is what most businesses get wrong in their positioning. They are so caught up with their own solutions! And regardless of uniqueness, their ability to help their target customers gets lost through all the noise.

Today, you must do and be different if you want to succeed.

That’s Why The Imperative Of Strategy Is Your First Focus

The Imperative of Strategy ensures you are always aligned to the big picture, while being congruent in your day to day execution.

The Imperative of Strategy also ensures you are differentiating yourself in the market place by targeting the right customers. You are creating the best value solutions, that solve specific problems. While at the same time, you have positioned yourself in your own unique category of one. You are the expert practitioner or business.

To help you with The Imperative of Strategy for your business, there are four steps that you need to implement…

The 4 Steps To Creating Demand & Getting Paid More By Providing High-Value Products and Services That Has You Standing Apart From The Competition…

Step 1 – Purpose To Be Aligned

One of the challenges for many business founders or owners, is that they can lose sight of the original reasons for starting a business, or that personal circumstances have change.

That is why we need to firstly define or clarify your overall needs, beliefs & values. After this, then your life vision, purpose & mission, and your emotional, relationship & physical goals. Finally your wealth goals & business objectives.

Step 2 – Position To Stand Out

It is critical today to be able to stand out from all the noise. However few businesses can do this effectively and, in the end, they look like everyone else.

That is why we need to discover what is unique about yourself or your business, to stand out from the crowd. We do this by first identifying your sweet spot, your category of one & expert model, your “xyz” pitch, and then your marketing wedge.

Step 3 – People To Target

You must not try to be all things to all people in your business! However surprisingly so many businesses do set out to do this and of course end up failing. Today it is about laser focused segmentation and getting to a point where you know your target customers better than they know themselves. 

To do this we start by describing your client segments, attributes of your perfect, ideal & non-conforming client. Then your client’s bleeding neck & aspirations, and your client’s reasons for buying & not buying.

Step 4 – Package To Solve Problems

Your last step for The Imperative of Strategy is that once you have defined your target customers, you need to create solutions. 

This starts with defining the problem to solve, the value proposition, the products, the packages and finally, the cash flow.

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