How To Become In Demand & Dominate Your Market




Create Demand & Get Paid More By Differentiating Your Business

​With social selling becoming the norm, reputation is everything.

It’s easier than ever for your target customers to make decisions about your company long before you even interact.

If those judgments are negative, it could spell disaster.

How you are perceived is critical to standing out in a crowd and being remembered for the right reasons.

Do you want to become highly sought after and in demand?

Of course, you do.

Who wouldn’t?

Because the alternative is blending in with the crowd, not being recognized and not being remembered.

It’s the fate many companies experience, and it’s the path to failure for a business.

It’s Not About Solutions Your Customers Are Seeking – Its About The Ones They Never Knew They Needed

Customers do not spend their days thinking about the specific expert, product or service they need.

They have a problem.

They are in pain.

It’s your job to locate that pain, relate to it and show them how they can move away from it.

It’s your job to transform them.

This is where most businesses get it wrong.

They get caught up in their own solutions and products.

They get trapped in the cycle of sell, sell, sell.

Regardless of their uniqueness, they get lost in all the noise.

Today’s consumers are more innovative and have access to a wealth of information (including all your competitors) at their fingertips.

If you want to succeed, you must distinguish yourself.

Becoming “The Tactician”

The importance of strategy becomes apparent when you look at how successful businesses interact with their customers.

It ensures that you are always aligned with your big picture and reflect that in your day-to-day execution.

To make building your strategy easy, The Startup Business has streamlined the four steps you need to implement.

The 4 Steps To Creating Demand & Getting Paid More

Step 1 – Find Your “Why”

What drove you to take the leap into business?

Defining your own needs, beliefs and values will allow you to clarify your life vision, purpose and mission.

…All of which leads you to your wealth and business goals.

Keeping sight of your “why” helps you to see the big picture and stay focused.

Step 2 – Stand Out

It’s critical to stand out in a crowd.

However, few businesses manage to achieve this and end up fading into the background.

What is unique about you or your business?

We find this by identifying your sweet spot, your category one and expert model, your “X, Y, And Z” pitch and then your market wedge.

Step 3 – Target The Right Customers

No one can be all things to all people.

Surprisingly, this is precisely what many businesses set out to do.

The approach inevitably leads to failure.

Focus is critical in today’s market.

You need to know your customers better than they know themselves.

To do this, we start by describing your client segments.

Who are your ideal and non-conforming clients?

What causes their pain and fuels their aspirations?

What are their reasons for buying or not buying?

Step 4 – Package Products That Solve Problems

​Once you have defined your target customers and their problems, you need to create solutions.

Start by defining the problem, the value proposition, the products, the packages and, finally, the cash flow.

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