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How To Create Online Content The Smart Way That Tells Your Story

Come close, I want to tell you a secret…

Closer please…

I want to tell you how to do content management in Twenty Five Steps .

Twenty Five Steps – That’s too many I hear you say!

Well I could say in fewer, but I want you to learn to be strategic in how you go about it. I want you at the end of this to be an expert. So if you follow these Twenty Five Steps , in the correct sequence you will build incredible presence and momentum in your business, or as an individual expert brand.

Does that sound like something you would want to do?

Besides, for several years I have been following some of the world’s best online marketers and broken down what they do into these steps. So if they are getting results and if you do the same, shouldn’t you get similar outcomes?

Now, would you like to know the Twenty Five Steps? It will require work and discipline you know.

OK here they are, make sure you follow them in order…

Step 1 – Define your purpose, what you are about, what is your story and message.

Step 2 – Develop your own distinct brand or framework that helps you tell your story.

Step 3 – Research on all the key words that people use and search for when looking for products, services and expertise such as yours.

Step 4 – Review your own resources – what amount of time are you prepared to allocate for this, what amount of money are you prepared to invest in such as automation tools.

Step 5 – Develop your content management plan – is it 90 days, 180 days etc.

Step 6 – Prepare all your branding including logos, templates, landing pages, copy etc.

Step 7 – Having decided time and money in Step 4, now you need to procure your tools, for example you may subscribe to Hootsuite to assist you.

Step 8 – Next establish the channels you will publish to such as Facebook, YouTube, Web Blogs or even a published book etc.

Step 9 – Set up your email list auto responder such as GetResponse or Infusionsoft.

Step 10 – Will you be writing, or do you need to source a team of writers.

Step 11 – Start writing and be disciplined and structured around your expertise.

Step 12 – Design and create a specific offer that when people see your content, interest has been provoked and that want more.

Step 13 – Now for production – add photos and other media with your written work.

Step 14 – Publish or post your blog or article across your channels.

Step 15 – Share links of your content to other channels – create curiosity and incompletion.

Step 16 – Re-purpose your material, if it was a blog, then make a video, after the video make a podcast.

Step 17 – Record your video and post.

Step 18 – Record your audio and post.

Step 19 – Build your email list by creating traffic from your content to your offers via optin forms like Lead Pages.

Step 20 – Consolidate last 4 weeks of article writing and prepare a report.

Step 21 – Now prepare more comprehensive training videos.

Step 22 – Next identify people, other experts and authorities.

Step 23 – Interview these experts and authorities.

Step 24 – Prepare teaching notes and your webinar course manuals based on your articles.

Step 25 – Prepare your book draft which will be published further reinforcing you as an expert or authority.

Congratulations, you got there! I hope you can see how having discipline and consistency will get you the desired results you are seeking. Please get in touch if you would like to know more about this or even get a hold of some of my tools to make the Critical Steps To Effective Content Management Momentum work for you in your business or profession.