How To Differentiate Your Business

How to differentiate your business in The New Economy starts with creating your own unique category of one. Discover more in your FREE consultation.

The Imperative Of Strategy For Your Business

The business Imperative Of Strategy, ensures you are focusing on achieving longer term goals, while keeping aligned to your overall objectives and market demand. The Imperative Of Strategy allows you to also differentiate yourself in the market place by targeting the right customers and creating the best value solutions that solve their problems.

To help you do this, we use The 4 P’s Founders Framework™ of which there are four components…

One of the challenges for many business founders or owners, is that they can lose sight of the original reasons for starting a business, or that personal circumstances have change.

That is why for “Purpose” we typically look at things like defining Your Needs, Your Beliefs, Your Life Mission & Purpose, Your Emotional Mastery, Your Relationship Mastery, Your Physical Mastery, Your Wealth Mastery, Your Investment Vehicles, Your Business – Long Term, and Your Business – Short Term.


It is critical today to be able to stand out from all the noise, however few businesses can do this effectively and in the end, they look like everyone else.

That is why we need to discover what is unique, in other words “Differentiate” yourself or your business, from the crowd.

We do this by defining Your Passion, Your Expertise, Your Demand, Your Viability, Your Sweet Spot, Your Category Of One, Your Expert Model, Your Wedge, Your XYZ Pitch, and importantly Your Why.

You must not try to be all things for all people in your business! However surprisingly so many businesses do set out to do this and of course they fail. Today it is about laser focused segmentation. It’s about knowing your target customers so well – in fact better than they know themselves.

To help you do this we start by defining your Perfect Customer, The Demographics, The Niche, The Characteristics, The Hang Out, The Affiliation, The Bleeding Neck, The Aspirations, The Logical Needs, and The Emotional Needs.

Once you have defined your target customers, you need to create solutions.

This starts with defining The Problem To Solve, The Value Proposition, The Portfolio Pipeline, The Minimal Viable Offer, The Next Logical Step, The Bundling Concept, The Pricing Strategy, The Conversion Rates, and critically knowing The Cash Flow.



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