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How To Generate Traffic For Your Startup Business

How Can I Generate Traffic?

Do you know what makes up the most popular social media video posts?

No, its not cat videos – though “Surprised Kitty” at 16 seconds, has hit 77 million views on YouTube!

Well according to Newshub, the most popular Facebook video of all time is Blossom, that has, to date, generated traffic of over 334 million views since May 18th, 2017 (it is now 386M by the way).

That is not bad, considering the production costs were probably just a couple of thousand dollars at most, based on the camera angle, audio track and the talent – a pair of hands, in just a 1.37-minute video!

Short, focused and value rich, for the target market segment of millennial mothers and crafters.

But of course, most of us are not in that league and struggle to get a few views.

In fact, one of the often-asked questions I get is “how can I generate more traffic?”.

Now it’s not a simple answer, after all there is a lot of competition (noise) out there and it’s not about who has the biggest budgets either. Also, we are living in the age where a five-minute video is a marathon and many “experts” are now recommending one-minute videos for social media channels like Facebook.

What’s Your Strategy?

Complicating all this, is that you need to be aware that depending upon what you are trying to achieve in your marketing efforts, of which social media is just one aspect, multiple strategies or approaches will need to be deployed. This is true regardless of whether you are an individual, professional, traditional business, new economy business, B2C or B2B type business.

For example, are your trying to increase brand awareness? Or maybe for you it’s about credibility, building loyalty, or a community of followers. Perhaps your objective is to generate more prospects by building a list, or creating sales. Whatever it is, your approach must be specific for the goal you are trying to achieve.

You Have To Do A Lot Of Stuff, But Not That Much

Now between myself as a professional brand, and my business, The Startup Business, we are continually testing different strategies all the time to generate more traffic across our social media platforms, websites, opt in pages, and believe it or not, general email inquiries!

The first thing I learned which has been key to our success, and surprisingly most people do not get, is that regardless of your strategy, it all takes discipline, consistency, and massive action!

Secondly, we find it is good practice to distinguish between organic / non-paid traffic and paid traffic. Particularly when you are starting off and your funding may be limited.

You can get awesome results organically and you do this by being active!

For example, on social media you need to like stuff, comment on stuff, share people’s stuff (as in their posts to your channels) and post other people’s stuff (as in other people’s posts on other channels to your channel). In short, this is all about you contributing to the “body of knowledge”. Then on a consistent basis, publish your own unique content.

Of course, none of my posts have reached the numbers like Blossom, but here’s the thing… I know that each week across, all my platforms and all my content, I reach an audience of over one million globally, in total interactions – and doing this week on week, throughout the course of the year does have an impact.

I would then expand on this and include promotional partners where there are synergies between the two of you and consider physical and virtual events as a further way to get your message out there.

Then, once you have done all this, you can consider paid traffic strategies like Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn sponsored ads, or affiliates etc, depending upon the channel that is appropriate for your business and your overall marketing strategy.

Could Building A Global Partnership Be Useful?

So what sort of results can you expect?

Well for me, I am constantly surprised as to what can come about, having established a strong brand in a very specific niche, with regular content being shared across multiple platforms. Not too long ago for example, the Paris based DIG Business Learning (developed by INSEAD Professor of Marketing, Jean-Claude Larréché) reached out to me and we are now successfully collaborating, to bring the Discovery, Innovation & Growth program to a larger audience – in other words a win-win partnership.

You Need Discipline, Consistency & Massive Action

While the sort of traffic that Blossom has achieved from just one video would be great to get by anyone’s standard, if you go by my results alone, you do not need to try to replicate them. You just need to be very strategic in how you go about, that’s all and while this will not happen overnight, by being disciplined and consistent and taking massive action, you will make an impact.

What Are You Waiting For – Hopefully Not Purfection

Why is it that many people (or businesses for that matter), with the best intentions, do not get started because they want to have everything perfect (yes, I am still trying to weave in my favourite cat videos puns)? They get what I am saying, but for some reason keep putting it off. Then there are others that don’t do anything for fear of failure.

This is crazy talk! Just get moving on this now and improve it along the way by continual trial and error.

Clarify your initial goals or objectives. Identify channels to use. Start contributing to your industry body of knowledge. Test, reflect, adjust and you will get awesome results.

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