Why Goal Setting Alone Sucks – Do These 4 Things Instead

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How To Get Things Done In Your Business…

Yes that’s right goal setting … it sucks – well at least to me that is!

Like how many business workshops have you participated in, where you set those great goals, probably had some good food to eat, maybe held an “offsite” (though I did enjoy the Tongariro Fishing Lodge in New Zealand’s North Island once) and then several months later, there was a catastrophic event, or your boss moved on, or simply there were just other priorities like your day job, and everything else went out the window?

Are yes, you are now starting to remember those transformation road map workshops aren’t you! Floor to ceiling white boards, breakout rooms, artists, bean bags… maybe you even had to play act or paint a picture of your future business vision?

Like what is that?

Years ago, I remember being introduced to “BHAG’s” which stood for Big Hairy Audacious Goals!

What about stretch goals? These are the goals that you should aim for, but its OK if you miss them because you have your other goals in place and will not impact your bonus.

Come on now, do we really make this stuff up?

OK… sounds like I am a little skeptical – I know, but ask yourself this, how often did you hit your goals?

What about on a personal front?

New Year resolutions anybody?

Look, if you are like me, you are probably being bombarded right now by emails and Facebook posts, on setting up 2018 the “right way” (what ever that means) and if you do not download this planner, or attend this goal workshop you might as well not start 2018. Just skip it because nothing will happen for you – you have already failed!

Well at least for me, after years of creating life goals and plans but not actually achieving anything, I realised I had to start thinking differently about all this and importantly find a way where I actually did get real results – a completely and perhaps counter intuitive way, but one that worked for me.

Let me explain…

You see I think the focus has to be around what I call “disciplined execution“, if your business or personal goals are to be achieved. This is about ensuring your actions are always aligned in supporting your goals and they become non negotiable.

But the powerful element in all this, at least for me, was accountability

Keeping your intentions to yourself will not work, because it is too easy to walk away.

I realised when I looked back at everything I had achieved, it was when I made a public statement or commitment about my intentions – because for me, it was much about the feeling of potential guilt, shame, saving face, call it what you want, that lay ahead if I did not act, that motivated me more, than the possible joy of seeing myself reach that particular milestone.

Crazy stuff I know, but the more I listened to people like Tony Robbins, or conversations with others about the importance of “accountability”, the more I could see how true this was!

 The Four Steps

In essence, accountability will drive you forward, so make sure you follow these four steps to getting things done in your business (or personal life) …

  1. Know what you are seeking to achieve (outcome)
  2. Understand what you are committing to do in order to achieve it (action)
  3. Share how you are progressing (accountability)
  4. Finally celebrate and learn what happened (result)

Think of accountability also as a coach. As you progress on your journey, you have the accountability “check ins” to ensure you stay on the path.

Accountability Boards

The Startup Business Dr Ross McKenzie 2018 Plan

I also use these “accountability boards” (this image is of my 2018 accountability board – already in place) where specific scheduled action is visible for all to see – in other words, I hold myself accountable to these actions and I invite you to check in on me!

Finally, there is a fifth aspect to all of this, of which has also taken time for me to figure out. This is the distinction between what is “achievement” versus “fulfillment” in which it speaks to more about why you do what you do…

The first part of my career, it was all about achievement, but now it is fulfillment that drives me in why I do what I do!

Perhaps you might like to also set up your own accountability board to drive momentum and have a great 2018, but importantly do great things and make a difference!

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