How To Increase Your Business Revenue

How to increase business revenue in The New Economy starts with setting up multiple ways to drive conversion. Discover more in your FREE consultation.

The Imperative Of Sales For Your Business

The business Imperative Of Sales, ensures you are focusing on the right sales practices that are relevant for The New Economy. This is about creating attention, engaging interest, and generating desire, that reinforces your expert authority position. Using multiple social media and digital channels and educational based marketing, you will establish yourself or your business, as the brand of choice.

To help you do this, we use The A.I.D.A New Economy Startup Marketing Mix™ of which there are four components…

When your target market sees you as providing value, then they will gravitate towards you. When you do this very well and consistently, you will create a tribe of loyal followers.

To do this we implement Educational Based Marketing which means Defining Your Expert Model, Defining The Key Words, Establish The Branding, Set Up The Channels, Create The Publishing Plan, Get The Tools, Initiate Social Media 101, Create & Publish Your Content (Sales Assets), and finally Re-Purpose Your Content.

Most businesses are missing out on the opportunity of optimising their online presence, to access free traffic to their web site or opt in pages. However, by implementing some simple strategies this can be reversed, opening up an ongoing stream of traffic, leads and potential new customers.

We help you do this by taking you through our 10 step process, starting with defining the Key Search Phrases of your solution, through to how you can best optimise your social media posts to gain maximise penetration.

While ensuring your website and social media posts are fully “search engine optimised”, a paid traffic strategy is also essential to reach a targeted audience that you otherwise would not be. However, spending money on advertising needs to be strategic, otherwise you will be losing money!

This is achieved by first selecting the specific Paid Traffic Strategy, then targeting your Demographic, selecting the best Social Channels, creating the sales Ads and Artefacts such as the images and copy, then running your campaign.

Ultimately, it’s all about converting leads to prospects and prospects to customers, that generates revenue for your business. The more effective you are at conversions, the more profitable you will be. This is where automated sales funnels come in.

To do this we must first build the Map, followed by the Offer, Hook, Headline, Copy and then establish the Platform, Funnels, Upsells & Down Sells, Integrate, Test and then Go Live!

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