How To Increase Your Business Revenue

How to increase business revenue in The New Economy starts with setting up multiple ways to drive conversion. Discover more in your FREE consultation.

Increasing Your Business Revenue Is Not Easy…

Even when you have the best products or services in the world, and at the most competitive prices, people will not necessarily be knocking on your front door.

Today, you have to do much much more than that, if you want to increase your sales and business revenue consistently for the long term.

Product” and “Price” are only two of several factors that need to be taken into account such as “Place“, “Promotion“, and “Positioning“.

Competition Is Extreme, Because The Complexity Of Sales & Marketing Has Increased

However, knowing about the “5 P’s Of Marketing” (The Startup Business’s own interpretation), is only the first part!

Because we are living in The New Economy, where getting our voice heard, let alone standing out, is incredibly difficult from all the competition and while many of the principles of sales and marketing remain, the level of complexity is what has changed.

So we have to do things differently, embrace new technologies and build specific capabilities, if we want to be successful – and it all starts with the Imperative Of Sales

The Imperative Of Sales For Your Business

The business Imperative Of Sales, ensures you are focusing on the right sales practices that are relevant for The New Economy. This is about creating attention, engaging interest, and generating desire, that reinforces your expert authority position. Using multiple social media and digital channels and educational based marketing, you will establish yourself or your business, as the brand of choice.

To help you do this, we use The A.I.D.A New Economy Startup Marketing Mix™ of which there are four components…

The 4 Steps To Increase Your Business Revenue…


Step 1 – Awareness From Branding & Content

When your target market sees you as providing value, then they will gravitate towards you. When you do this very well and consistently, you will create a tribe of loyal followers.

To do this we need to set up the Brand Strategy, the Channels, the Content Framework and the Publishing Machine.


Step 2 – Interest From Search Optimisation

Most businesses are missing out on the opportunity of optimising their online presence, to access free traffic to their web site or opt in pages. However, by implementing some simple strategies this can be reversed, opening up an ongoing stream of traffic, leads and potential new customers.

We help you do this by helping you define the key Search Phrases, the SEO Basics, the SEO Ninja Tricks, and the Digital Routine.


Step 3 – Desire From High Converting Offers

While ensuring your website and social media posts are fully “search engine optimised”, a paid traffic strategy is also essential to reach a targeted audience that you otherwise would not be. However, spending money on advertising needs to be strategic, otherwise you will be losing money!

This is achieved by creating Offers that are irresistible, multiple Conversion Pathways, Copy that Pops, and Advertising that Converts.


Step 4 – From High Performing Sales Funnels

Ultimately, it’s all about converting leads to prospects and prospects to customers, that generates revenue for your business. The more effective you are at conversions, the more profitable you will be. This is where automated sales funnels come in.

To do this we must identify the Leads, Prospects, Opportunities & Clients, identify the Platforms, identify the Sales Artifacts, and identify the Sales Cycle.

How To Increase Your Business Revenue

How to increase business revenue in The New Economy starts with setting up multiple ways to drive conversion. Discover more in your FREE consultation.

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