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How To Manage Multiple Social Media Platforms Daily

How important is it for you to get your message out there?

In other words, how much effort are you prepared to put in, to reach your targeted audience and generate interest?

With multiple social media platforms these days, deciding which ones to use, ends up being no comparison to the amount of time which the ongoing management of your social media can be.

In fact, all your time working on social media can take away your real social life!

This is why you need to be strategic and systematic at the same time.

For example, many of us use LinkedIn as a key platform to communicate with.

Where do you currently rank in LinkedIn?

You see this ranking is driven by your activity, what you like, what you comment on, what content you add and who you are connecting with – the greater the activity, the greater LinkedIn rewards you by ensuring your profile is being put in front of your targeted audience. In other words, creating traffic.

So really what all this means is that you need to get moving!

When I accepted the fact that social media was key for me to get my message out there, I needed to think how I can do it in a way that fits into my day but not be too demanding and obviously meet my overall objectives.

I needed to be strategic, efficient, organised and disciplined.

Being Strategic

When I refer to being strategic, I am referring largely to the platforms you use and the content you share.

Remember, choose the platforms where your ideal audience (client avatars) are.

With content, it is not random posting – you must have a publishing schedule based upon your message. This is a daily schedule where you already know in advance the topics or themes you will write about. For me, it is twelve weeks in advance and that is what I also teach my clients to do as well.

Being Efficient

Think of it as having your own production centre – it may be just your laptop, but you need to think what is the best process to follow to optimise your time.

For example, on a daily basis, based on my publishing schedule, I start with writing an article and then add a photo and post them on my web blog and to LinkedIn Pulse. I then convert the same blog photo into a quote card on Pinterest which can also shared on Facebook. At the end of the week, I create the videos and post them on my YouTube channel. YouTube has a great feature which allows the newly uploaded video to be shared on my Twitter and Google+ accounts!

I also use social media automation tools (Hootsuite) that allows me to do my posting in bulk and schedule it over a day and over a week if need be. Further freeing up my time.

Being Organised

You can easily be overwhelmed with the amount of material you are accumulating across multiple file formats particularly if you are using images, videos and audio – so you need to be organised. Do this by implementing you own filing system today and of course use cloud technology such as DropBox to prevent any losses.

Being Disciplined

Yes, we love being disciplined don’t we!

This is the secret to ensuring you get the results you are after.

So if you are going to commit to a daily social media schedule, then you do it daily! No excuses OK?.

When you first start off it is challenging, but keep at it. Set yourself some goals – maybe consider doing it first for just 12 weeks and break that down into three sets of four weeks. Celebrate each milestone as you are making real progress.

But remember being disciplined is key.

So to sum up, social media is the way we get our message out these days but if you want to do it you need to be SEO-D, that is, Strategic, Efficient, Organised and Disciplined!