How To Maximise Your Business Profit

How to maximise your business profit in The New Economy starts with building critical competencies really well. Discover more in your FREE consultation.

The Imperative Of Service For Your Business

The business Imperative Of Service, ensures you are always set up for success, no matter your size, and you have the best structures, processes, technologies and where appropriate, outsourcing partners in place, so that you can deliver awesome service to your customers in a way that is efficient and effective.

To help you do this, we use The Setup & Scale Business Quadrant™ of which there are four components…

The first thing you need to do when setting up or scaling your business is to ensure you have a strong foundation or “platform” to build on, as this will provide stability.

To achieve this, you must identify and define your current Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, Future State Principles, Framework, Activities, Processes, Gaps, and of course Remediation.

Optimise is about technology and ensuring you have implemented it the right way into your business.

To help you with this, you start defining the Architecture, Hardware, Software, Cloudware, Security, Functional Needs, Business Requirements, Selection Criteria, Integration Approaches, and how to Leverage your technology partner’s capabilities.

Once you have Organised your business and Optimised it with technology, you then need to look at the areas of your business you need to either reduce Costs, increase Capacity, or access Capability.

This is achieved through Outsourcing and we help you with our framework: The Seven Practices Of Highly Effective Outsourcing™ which includes EXPLORE The Big Picture, ENVISION The Future, Create An ESPRIT De Corps, EMBARK On The Journey, EXECUTE With Discipline & Passion, EXCEED The Standard Others Look To, EXPAND Your Global Mindset.

The challenge for many businesses is that the founder, or owner, is doing so many things and potentially all on their own, that they are not seeing how they can improve the operating performance of their business. For example, are they managing their costs base effectively?

To help you with this, you need to be clear on aspects such as Roles & Responsibilities, Policies, Guidelines, Procedures & Standards, SLA, Metrics & Score Cards, Quality Assurance, Benchmarking, and Continuous Improvement, while also ensuring exemplary Leadership with your work colleagues, employees, and stakeholders.

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