How To Multiply Your Self Across Your Social Media

The-Startup-Business-Ross-McKenzie-Solutions-Automation-2015-12-09a-300x249-compressedIf you were like me when I first started using social media for my business, I was overwhelmed as to where to start as there are so many platforms, but also underwhelmed in the effort it was taking me to write and post them.

I had to figure out fast, how I can automate it, while making it easy and not compromise on my message

What if you could write just 5 x “500 to 800 word” articles each week – that is approximately one page, on an area or topic you know well and then with those 5 articles, post versions of them in a way where you can actually turn them into 157 posts?

Do you think, that amount of activity could possibly start to get the market’s attention that you are a serious player?

Could it start to generate interest, traffic and action for your business?

Well most definitely and you can do it in a way that does not overwhelm.

Trust me, I have done this and you can learn to do it to. Also, once you get into the rhythm, it is relatively easy to maintain.

Let’s look at the maths of when you write 5 articles per week and posting them or versions of them, across some of the major social media platforms…

  • 5 articles on LinkedIn in blog
  • 5 articles shared to Facebook
  • 5 articles shared to Twitter
  • 5 articles shared to Website blog
  • 5 re-purposed articles made into quote cards shared on Pinterest
  • 5 quote cards shared to Facebook
  • 5 re-purposed articles made into videos shared on YouTube
  • 5 videos shared via Google+
  • 5 videos shared via Twitter

Once you have been writing 5 articles per week, then what you can do to ramp up your efforts by re-posting your older articles from the last 2 to 3 weeks, but you do this so it is fully automated…

  • Hootsuite scheduled 7 days per week x 4 times per day on Google+
  • Hootsuite scheduled 7 days per week x 4 times per day on Facebook
  • Hootsuite scheduled 7 days per week x 4 times per day on LinkedIn
  • Hootsuite scheduled 7 days per week x 4 times per day on Twitter

         Total Posts In Week = 157

Of course you need to be organised, have a broad strategy and then a plan to execute, but having these alone will not necessarily make it easy.

You need to start looking at how you can automate it all – this is what is going to give you the real time saving leverage

Firstly, many social medial platforms make sharing easy.

For instance, when you post an article on the LinkedIn blogging platform Pulse, when you are ready to publish, it asks if you also want to share it to Facebook and Twitter.

For Pinterest, the default sharing platform is Facebook.

Once you upload videos to YouTube you can automatically have Google+ and Twitter alerted as well.

So by being very astute, you can multiply one single effort 3X!

Is that a good thing to do?

However, the real multiplier effect is with using a social media management tool.

I pay something like AUD 16 per month, for Hootsuite and what I get is a way to pre-schedule posts across multiple platforms at multiple times. As you can see by the number, I am getting 112 additional posts for one “sit down” activity and when the articles are scheduled to post, well I could be anywhere!

So do not become despondent in your social media efforts – its not about working hard, it is about working smarter and automation is key.