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How To Position Your Business As An Expert Authority For The New Economy

Have You Staked Out Your Claim?

There is a modern-day gold rush going on and if you are not part of it, you will miss out.

People are running all over the place. They are putting down markers and staking out their patch of land which they will start to mine. It’s on for young and old and those who are there early will get the most gold!

Well maybe it’s not quite like the historic 1800 gold rushes of California and Australia, but it’s just as valuable.

You see we are entering the golden age of the “expert” where individuals and businesses are becoming more focused and positioning themselves in very specific niches. Being a “generalist” is no longer the way to go because that is what Google, Bing and other forms of Artificial Intelligence does now.

Today you need to be specialised and positioned as an authority within your own unique category.

Could You Be Missing Out On Business?

The challenge of course is how do you go about this.

Plus, if you do, is it possible you could be missing out on some business because potential clients or customers, no longer see you offering the services or products that they require?

Well the reality is that if you are not positioning yourself as the go to person or business in very clearly defined niches or categories, then you will not be standing out with any specific credibility.

Now you might be saying “I am not an expert in anything”.

Well I believe we are all experts in something. We all have unique life experiences that others would find valuable to learn from if we were to help them. Equally in business, we need to be able to find ways to differentiate ourselves from everyone else – otherwise why would people buy from you? What’s the compelling point of differentiation that overwhelmingly draws customers to your business and not somebody else’s? I’m not talking about having a low-cost strategy either!

Define Your Expertise

That is why when you are setting up your own business, you need to spend time thinking about what is your “expertise” (or point of differentiation) and how you can position yourself to stand out from the crowd – in other words, stake your claim.

Let me explain…

Take a few minutes right now and open your internet search browser and type in the following phrases, each time clicking “enter” to see what comes up in the search…

World’s best…

World’s greatest…

World’s number one…

World’s famous…

Now once you have done that, instead of the word “World”, change it for your country, or your state, town or industry and see what comes up.

What have you discovered so far? Well let me tell you…

This is the gold field I’m talking about. You see, there was no one specific world body going out awarding these titles. Each one of these individuals or businesses has established their “positioning” through a combination of strategy, focus, effort and time. I believe you can do this to – in fact we can all do this. But you have to be specific in terms of your category.

Like if I was to say I am the “world’s greatest golfer”, it just would not be believable – particularly so when I could probably count on one had the number of games I have played! This is where credibility comes in – it must be believable to the audience you are targeting.

Gordon’s Story

Recently I was talking to one of my clients, Gordon. He is an expert deep ocean yachtsman with years of experience, yet as humble as he is (as most people are), he had not fully appreciated until then, the power of claiming his patch or “category of one”.

As we spoke, I asked him his thoughts about if he was to claim the title “Melbourne’s Leading Ocean Yachting Authority”, did he feel OK about that, from a credibility or integrity point of view?

By the way, if you are unsure about that yourself, just ask the question, “what would people who you really admire and see as experts, think about your new claim?” – that will give you the answer as to whether you really are as credible as you may wish to be!

Anyway, getting back to Gordon, he said he was OK with that title, so I then went another step and replaced “Melbourne” to his state – “Victoria” and again, he felt he was still credible!

And guess what we finally got to? With a little word-smithing, we got to a title that included “world leading” because he could back that up by fact after fact and testimonial after testimonial! In other words, Gordon is the real deal, when it comes to yachting!

So Are You Sitting On Gold?

Now if there is a morale in this story at all, then remember this – the gold that we are all searching for, we may already be sitting on – you just need to know where to dig!

So, take time out to consider what “category of one” you can claim that resonates with your business or professional practice. Do the research, see what other people do. Check out your competitors. Find a variation, which when exploited, creates a whole new niche or even a market segment.

Define Your Category Of One Today

The main thing is to stop trying to look like everyone else. You need to take a stand and be different and it starts by defining your unique “category of one”.

At The Startup Business, we are a “values first” business. Sure, there are many other companies that provide business & technology education, entrepreneur coaching, startup advisory and global strategic outsourcing. But there is only one in the world that does it the way we do, and is positioned as The Leading Expert Authority On New Economy Business! You can do this to!

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