How To Position Yourself As An Expert In 5 Steps

The Startup Business Strategy PostionI am convinced that within us all, there are unique talents, skills and experiences that can really help others if we share them.

Whether that be your “talents” of bringing people together for specific causes, or your “skills” for designing custom software, or your “life experience” of managing your own career or business ups and downs, people want to know about it and believe it or not, they will pay for it!.

However sometimes it’s hard to identify this expertise within us as mostly we take it for granted. Or, worse, we may consider ourselves “not worthy” in sharing it.

A friend of mine for example, is an awesome organiser. She’s developed this talent the hard way as a single mum bringing up three young children. I always thought this and now she has a business where she helps others get their own lives in order. Though, she did have to first overcome some self-limiting beliefs as to what was possible.

What about you?

Would you like to know how you could tap into your unique talents, skills and experiences and be positioned as an expert or thought leader?

There Are Five Steps You Need To Learn…

The Startup Business 5 Steps

Step 1 – Define Your Expertise

The very first thing you need to do is to identify you “expertise”. This may take some soul searching and also maybe working on some limiting beliefs, but perhaps another way is to simply ask yourself these five questions…

The Startup Business 5 Questions

The first three questions help with the positioning or finding your expertise…

  • What do you love doing?
  • What are you good at?
  • What pays well? (for some of you this last question may not be as important depending upon your altruistic motivations)


While the next two questions serve as a reality check…

  • What you want to say?
  • What do they want to hear?


Once you have identified your expertise, now you need to brand yourself…

Step 2 – Brand Your Expertise

This is about how you want to be perceived by your audience. Your own unique style.

As social media is critical in all this, consider which platforms you will use.

There are no rules, only that once you start to identify your style, I would suggest keep working at being consistent. That way you will become more familiar and recognisable. However, a caveat would be to ask yourself whether your “branding” is aligned to your core values and is it for the “greater good”. A way to look at this is in the marketing and advertising of products. What brands do you like and why? What do they stand for? What do others think of when they see those brands as well? What do you stand for? What will others think of you?

Step 3 – Broadcast Your Expertise

When I think about my grandfather growing up as a young man, how few resources he had, though he lived a full life and made a huge impact in the circles he travelled.

What about us today? The resources we have at our hands right now that can share our expertise to all walks of life.

We are living in truly amazing times so let’s not take this for granted. Here are some things you can do…

  • Write
  • Speak
  • Teach
  • Research
  • Start a blog
  • Write a book
  • Make videos
  • Get testimonials and endorsements
  • Get featured on authority sites
  • Answer questions
  • Give valuable insights
  • Have an opinion
  • Network
  • Finally, become known as the expert or voice of your industry!


Step 4 – Expand Your Expertise

Once you have established an audience, whether that be on blog posts, YouTube subscribers or guest speaking at events or university classes – you need to now build a tribe and spread your voice (and impact) much wider.

If your message is currently being shared with your local community, you now need to take it to the state or national level. If it is currently at the national level, it is now time for global!

If you are currently connecting with academics – now take it to corporates etc.

Remember, you are an expert, people want and need to know about your expertise!

Step 5 – Refine Your Expertise

To be an expert you also need to be always learning.

Keep up to date of what is being discussed around your expertise.

Who are the other “thought leaders” in your industry? For example, I have a strong interest in outsourcing, automation and start-up entrepreneurs so I would list about then people in the world who are the global experts when it comes to academic research – who are your ten?

By keeping up to date, you are maintaining your relevancy – and when you are relevant, people want to listen to you.

Why The World Needs Experts Like You

I have been blessed with the opportunities in life that have been out of reach for many.

I know that and I am very grateful that for some reason I have had this.

I have also been humbled over the years in my travels to different corners of the World to see at first hand real life struggle and suffering.

It also saddens me to know that as I write this today, for many people, tomorrow is just another difficult day.

However, I have also seen with my own eyes the transformative power of expertise being applied in practical ways and taking it to places where it is most needed, to those lives who will be transformed.

A few years back, I was witness to see the bandages removed from a man’s eyes after a cataract operation. It was at a volunteer eye clinic supported by Rotary International at Rishikesh India, alongside the Ganges and the start of the Himalayas. After years of being blind and a short and relatively straight forward cataract operation, this man could now see. The joy in his new eyes and of his love ones around him was truly unforgettable.

We all have expertise that the World and humanity needs. I wish for you to find yours, but importantly for you share it with the World, for the World needs to discover you!