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How To Position Yourself As An Expert Online In 6 Steps

“How are you doing it?”

“I bet you are paying somebody to write those articles aren’t you?”

It’s a crazy world isn’t it where anything is possible I suppose!

Since I decided to start writing online, a few people I know, asked me those questions.

They have seen my articles and thought I must have outsourced it because of the time it must take each day, or they thought I must have stored up a batch of articles and am drip feeding them to you, like this one!

Well, sorry to tell you but the truth is, are your ready for it…

I am writing them each, daily!

Yes, that’s correct, the old fashion way.

But nothing is as random as it may appear.

You see I have spent considerable time studying what others do and I have combined several principles together to “systemise” this process.

Now, I could keep this all too myself, but at the end of the day there is no monopoly on common sense. So I thought I would share with you, how I do it as perhaps it may inspire yourself to do something similar.

Firstly, let me address “outsourcing” and why I have not done this way.

I am a big fan of outsourcing and have established my whole profession around outsourcing, even to the point of my six years’ doctoral research.

Yes, I can easily outsource the writing, but I didn’t.

The way I see it is that if you want to positon yourself as an expert and one who is professional and equally authentic, wouldn’t your readers expect you to be writing those articles yourself – particularly when you are putting your name against them?

This is not to say that I am not busy!

I am as busy as you are possibly.

That’s why I needed to figure out a way to systemise it all. To make it efficient.

To do this, I started with some principles…

1. I will write one article per day (Monday to Friday) to give me 5 original articles each week
2. These articles will be no less than 500 words (around a page)
3. I want to be informative and if I can master it, a little entertaining as possible and seek feedback to adjust my style when necessary
4. I want to be efficient in my writing
5. Finally, each time I write an article, it needs to be better than the previous one

One of the things I learned when I wrote my doctoral thesis, is that you can be staring at your computer screen for hours trying to figure out what to write, but if you have an overarching theme or story and then break it down to bite size chunks or sub topics, the whole writing process is very doable.

Now for you professional writers out there, I am sure you are having a good laugh at this because what I am saying of course is very basic, but for many others who are not professional writers, like myself, there is an initial sense of overwhelm on how to do this and where to start.

Believe me though, once you get in to it, it does become much easier.

So here are my six steps on how to position yourself as an expert online …

The Startup Business Sales Content Management Step 1Step 1 – Be focused on your story, your brand, your expertise etc. that you want to write about. That’s the big ticket item. Then break it down to five sub topics, themes or subjects.

Why 5 you ask? Well there are five days of the working week for me so the maths was easier to figure out – get it! For me, Mondays is around my broad topic of business strategy, Tuesday (today) is around sales and marketing etc. etc. In other words, find a way that is easy to follow, then stick with it – that’s all.

The Startup Business Sales Content Management Step 2Step 2 – You need to research all the key words and phrases associated with your expertise and subjects. Use Google Key Word Planner tools as you will be surprised on what you can learn. A small change in wording may vary the number of hits that you get and the potential subsequent follow on actions taken by your readers.

The Startup Business Sales Content Management Step 3Step 3 – Prepare your publishing schedule for the next twelve weeks at the level of detail of the broad topic you will write on for your articles each day. This will result in 60 articles (12 articles for each of your 5 themes) all focused around your expertise.

The Startup Business Sales Content Management Step 3Step 4 – Write the dam thing! When I started, I made sure that I committed to an article per day. At times I was up until late at night to finish it and have it posted, but in time it has got much easier – I have a routine now! You can do this to!

The Startup Business Sales Content Management Step 5Step 5 – Post it! It is no good sitting on your computer as a file and of course you can do multiple edits and wordsmithing but eventually you have to balance the return of your efforts in the perfect prose to just geeting your message out there.

Also, you need to decide which social media platforms you will be publishing on and what modality (word, visual, auditory etc). There are many social media platforms and all have their merits, so my suggestion would be to determine what does your primary audience use.
Again, once you make your selection, then keep with it for now to build momentum.

The Startup Business Sales Content Management Step 6Step 6 – This may vary depending upon your goals, but still make sure people can get in touch with you. If you do have a business behind your article writing (like me) then always keep in mind the principle that in today’s world it is value up front first. If people like your, then a business relationship may develop from that afterwards.

Of course there is a lot more detail underneath each of these six steps. But if there were only two things you could take away in regards to what makes a successful content management strategy, I would say this…

  • You need to put in place a system to drive consistency and discipline, and…
  • You need to keep at it!

Funny how those two principles can be applied in most areas of our lives!

Happy writing and please get in touch if I can assist you in any way.