To Reduce Business Costs Is Not About Selling More To Give You Scale

If your business costs are out of control, increasing your sales will not mean you become profitable!

In fact, it may even give you greater losses. Or at the very least, give you a false sense of security that everything is going well.

This is because you are not being effective at running your business. And this is the direct result of not understanding the cost drivers of your business. For example, understanding the processes, materials, labour, and technology.

This lack of understanding how to reduce costs is the major reason why businesses fail.

You Need To Know How Your Business Operates As You Scale

The complication with all this however, is that as your business grows and scales, what was fit for purpose, no longer gives you the economies, leaving you either experiencing the pain and inefficiency, or your struggle to make the right decision to further invest in resources for your business.

This is the entrepreneur’s or founder’s dilemma – do I wait until I grow and then invest, or invest first, then grow?

What are you doing right now?

To Resolve This, The Imperative Of Service Is Key

The Imperative of Service takes an internal view of your business from day one that is aligned to your future vision of where you want to be.

The Imperative of Service ensures you are always set up for success, no matter your size, and you have the best structures, processes, technologies and where appropriate, outsourcing partners in place, so that you can always deliver awesome service to your customers in a way that is efficient and effective.

To help you with The Imperative of Service for your business, there are four steps that you need to implement…

The 4 Steps To Reduce Your Business Costs By Building Critical Competencies…

Step 1 – Configure To Establish A Solid Foundation

The first thing you need to do when setting up your business, is to ensure you have a strong foundation or “platform” to scale from, as this will provide stability when you start to grow and expand.

This starts by first conducting a general needs assessment, then define your ideal or target operating model. Once you have done this, you then want to review your key business processes to ensure they operate seamlessly.

Step 2 – Optimise To Drive 24×7 Delivery

Optimise is about technology and ensuring you have implemented it the right way into your business.

Next you need to optimise your business with the use of technology, while also ensuring you have implemented it the right way – this includes the critical activity of application integration so that all your technology solutions are talking with each other.

To do this, you start by defining your technology basics – this is what all businesses need, then you step it up by identifying your automation requirements, plus additional tools, such as for collaboration or analytics, and needs to manage risk and security.

Step 3 – Source To Leverage Expertise

Once you have optimised your business with technology, you then need to look at the areas of your business you need to either reduce costs, increase capacity, or access capability.

This is achieved through outsourcing, so that you focus on what you are good at, and your outsourcing partner does the rest.

Step 4 – Transform To Establish High Performance

Your final step for the Imperative of Service addresses one of the greatest challenges most entrepreneurs have. This is where you need to be working in, and on, your business simultaneously to continually improve the operating performance of your business.

To help you do this, you need to implement systems to manage your client, your commercials, your team and yourself effectively.

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