How To Set Your Business Up For An Expedition

If you were about to set off on an expedition, like those early adventurers and mountaineers did, would you agree that you would have started off with a clear objective and a plan to get there?

Imagine the expeditions to climb the summit of Everest?

Do you think these teams of climbers would of just packed a few items and then went off to Nepal and just “wing it” on a hope and a prayer?

Well of course not.

Methodical planning, preparation and of course team work took place for years as well as practice summits, before attempting the big one.

What about in business?

What about your business?

Sadly, though, many businesses do indeed start off with just hope and a prayer.

Some succeed.

Others fail.

My view is that the more methodical you can be, like you are planning the type of expedition to scale Everest, the better the odds of succeeding will be for you.

Do you want to improve your odds in succeeding?

You see in business today, when you are starting off on your expedition to conquer the world, there are many things you need to pack into your back pack.

However, we can initially condense this inventory to just four essential items…

The first of these, when you have this one, you will be 100% focused regardless of what life’s distractions may throw at you.

What I am referring to of course is the importance of clarity in what you are pursuing and why you are pursing it, in other words, your ‘life’ objective.

For the early Everest expeditions, there was no ambiguity. It was the summit of Everest period!

Even in blizzards, deep crevices or extreme discomfort from the natural elements, the summit was always in sight.

What is your summit that you want to climb?

Have you defined that sufficiently?

The next thing you need to pack in your back pack when starting your business is to know what resources you currently have and how best you can utilise these to achieve your ultimate objective.

In essence what I am referring to is the importance of you identifying your expertise.

What is it you or your business will convey to the world as you climb your summit?

Are you the solopreneur, a team of high achievers, the underdog, or something else completely different?

How will you be different to those who have gone before you? In what way will you make a difference for those you will follow you?

Once you have achieved clarity on your purpose or objective and defined what you stand for, then the next thing you need to pack in your back pack is very critical.

This is about reaching out to the right people in the most appropriate way.

For the Everest expeditions, the local Nepalese Sherpas were and still are critical to success in reaching the summit. No more evident than that is the fact that it was Hillary and Norgay to be the first to reach the summit of Everest together.

On 29 May 1953, Edmund Hillary from New Zealand and Tenzing Norgay, a Nepali Sherpa climber from Darjeeling, India reached the summit of Everest at 11:30 am local time via the South Col Route.

For business, it is a team sport, but I am not just referring to your employees or partners.

How are you helping your customers achieve their goals?

You can only do this if you know them, their aspirations, skills and capabilities and then work with them as a team, to achieve your shared goals mutually together.

So this third item is about knowing your customers so intimately there is rapport and comradeship from day one.

Finally, of course what you need to pack into your back pack as well are the tools that will solve your hurdles or problems along the way. Tools like rope, climbing crampons etc.

Now it is of course a reality that you will not always have all the tools required on your expedition to solve your problems and importantly your customer’s problems.

Sometimes you will need to improvise and adapt both to their needs, the environments needs and to your needs.

Either way, you need to be clear of the solutions to solve problems.

While climbing the real Everest is beyond most people’s reach, it can still be the metaphorical Everest. Meaning, the Everest of the business world within your particular niche or market segment.

So if you are to scale this “Everest”, then make sure you pack these four essentials in your back pack before you commence your expedition…

Clarity Of Purpose

Your Expertise Defined

Client Needs Identified

Solutions To Solve Your Client’s Problems

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