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How You Can Build A Scalable Business With The Four Pillars

Esther, a friend of mine is a Solopreneur.

The thing is though, her business is starting to take off.

Good for her I hear you say!

The problem is that she is stressed.

I mean some people get stressed because their business is not taking off, Esther is the complete opposite!

Here is why…

She is now trying to figure out how she can scale her business, while not compromising on her values of extraordinary service she provides to her clients.

Esther said to me that she has trouble keeping up to date with emails, with orders, with questions from prospects through to long term established clients…

All these things that are part of a growing business.

When we sat down together, I asked her to walk me through her business model and the first question I asked is what is her overall vision for the business.

Its huge and will touch the lives of many people.

I then introduced a word that she was less familiar with.

I said “Esther, what you need to do next is scale your business”.

“Ross, I know that and I thought about outsourcing but not sure how to go about it”

Well outsourcing is just one way to scale your business and it is a key one, but there are actually four things you need to do and I call these the Four Pillars Of Scale

Now this first Pillar Of Scale, when you have this in place, you’re actually putting the stability or the certainty in your business to be able to grow from, to later scale up.

You’re building a strong foundation here.

Now when you don’t have it in place, there is likelihood that there will be instability in your business as it starts to grow.

You may not notice that initially, but your business needs to be built on a strong foundation from day one.

What I’m ultimately referring to, is the importance of structure in your business.

Structure is about putting the foundation in your business sooner, rather than later to grow from

So having established the right structure now for your business, the next Pillar Of Scale, when you do this, you will be able to put in the agility to scale your business into the future as you grow – and grow efficiently.

Now when you don’t do this, the opportunity for you to grow will become more challenging, more difficult, because you may be spending additional costs or even under-spending, but not be able to provide the types of services to your targeted customers required.

What I’m talking about and what Esther had in mind, is the ability to outsource areas of your business so you can scale but also manage your costs.

Do what you do best and outsource the rest

After structuring your business to build in the foundations for strength and now learning about outsourcing to scale, the third Pillar Of Scale, when you learn this, this will give you further flexibility to run your business wherever and whenever you want.

When you don’t do this, it’s possible your business won’t have the flexibility to be able to evolve as the environment, technology and other impacts come into the marketplace.

What I’m talking about is the importance to automate, or automation.

Automate to eliminate

The fourth Pillar Of Scale is so critical and really sorts the average business, the mediocre from the excellent, the magnificent.

Do you want to have a business that is the leader of your niche, market or industry?

I am convinced that if you implement this fourth Pillar Of Scale, your business will be set up for the future and will continually be on the leading edge in the niche that you choose to be in.

What I am referring to re-innovate or reinvent.

As Anthony Robbins once said…

If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten

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