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How You Can Get An Encore From Your Campaigns

For the last two years, I have been researching how the top internet marketers were conducting their campaigns to attract potential customers.

By top I mean, these entrepreneurs’ businesses generally turn over 8 figures and are well respected by their peers.

Currently I am tracking 32 of these businesses.

As the great Jim Rohn said…

Success Leaves Clues

Now I might be a bit sneaky because I have been subscribing to just about everything!

That said, some of these entrepreneurs have become great friends and they kindly tolerate my level of interest!

You see my research is the “secret shopper” technique – you know, the dark arts, or by stealth.

I mean if I came across a Facebook add, I would use my Camtasia screen recording software and record each step from the add to offer.

I would also then set up a dedicated email folder in Outlook and apply filters, so when I started receiving the emails, it would automatically be placed in that specific folder.

I would look at their URLS to see what platforms they are using and how it is automated.

Also I could figure out who they were doing joint ventures with and if they cross promoted each other’s products and services.

I purchased stuff to.

Perhaps too much!

But this gave me additional insights – putting together a complete picture from add copy through to order fulfilment.

Now you might think this is obsessive…

Well it is, but my motivation is to understand how the very best do it and then reverse engineer and implement it in my own business and on behalf of my clients.

As Tony Robbins says…

If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results

So guess what I discovered?


Yes, I discovered that even the very best internet marketers, the ones with multi-million dollar a year businesses, do have blind spots in how they go about their campaigns.

But also I discovered there was a particular theme that sorted the mediocre from the best.

You see, I discovered how critical it is to provide up front value and generally speaking, this is what we call “Educational Based Marketing”.


Educational Base Marketing

Educational Based Marketing is about sharing knowledge with the purpose of building trust and not about a sales pitch.

It is a strategy that establishes credibility and trust with your customers by using educational messages based around your business or area of expertise.

Just think about what you can learn from YouTube these days. Quick insights to solve problems, to eventually becoming the trusted go to person.


Step In The Shoes Of Your targeted Customer

So what is it that your potential customers need to know?

What problem are they trying to solve, or what problem do they first need to be educated on, to solve?

There is a difference between those two questions by the way.

You see, you need to step in to the shoes of your targeted customer to answer these questions.


Identify The Right Channels

Next you need to think about where your potential customers congregate and then offer your messages through these channels on a consistent basis.

This can be anything from daily, through to monthly depending upon your niche. So when something changes, you are in front of them so they think of you when they are ready for help.


Develop A Message That Cuts Through The Noise

Educational messages should be shaped in a way that provides some of the “how” but also leave your prospective customers wanting more.

Think of being at a concert or the theatre and you just did not want to have the performance end! That’s how you should be positing your messages.


Provide Exceptional Value

However, the whole premise of Educational Based Marketing is to provide your customers (prospects) exactly what they what they want – advice, knowledge and solutions without requiring anything in return (this could mean them opting in to an email subscription, but does not have to be).

You see what Educational Based Marketing is doing, is establishing you as an authority or expert in the eyes of your prospective customers.

Once this is established, then you progressively build on this by continuing finding way to solve your prospects and customer’s problems.