If I Could Tell You What The Meaning Of Life Is, Would You Listen?

Dr Ross McKenzie - Entrepreneur - The Startup Business

Imagine if you will, somebody offering you the answer to the meaning of life. Would you listen? Would you take action in what you learn?

What if knowing the answer could fundamentally change who you are and where you are heading? In fact it drives you forward, guiding you, lifting your spirits when times are hard and grounding you when things are going well.

Well the answer I believe is a personal one and comes from within you and sometimes it takes work to discover what this really is. But when you do, man you are on fire, you are energised, its like you are unstoppable.

When you do not have this however, its like, well it is all too hard, you give up, you start accepting your place in the world, you accept mediocracy and in my view, you sell out on your potential and everyone loses then.

This also translates into business. I have seen business owners forgetting why they got into business in the first place and then wonder why they struggle, or why their business is in decline. The passion is gone. But it even goes beyond business, to sporting teams, to townships and communities and of course when things are appearing to be in decline it is hard to change this. Its like it then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

But change is something we must do and what I am talking about here is having a sense of purpose.

A sense of purpose is having a grand idea bigger than yourself that is so compelling that you become awake and you awaken those around you with this whole grand idea… a purpose is what we all need.

I am fairly focused in my businesses at the moment, but I got to say there are always new distinctions to be made.

You see, over the last week I have been reading about the United Nations coming together to agree on the seventeen global goals for sustainability:

World Leaders have committed to 17 Global Goals to achieve 3 extraordinary things in the next 15 years. End extreme poverty. Fight inequality & injustice. Fix climate change. The Global Goals for sustainable development could get these things done. In all countries. For all people. (http://www.globalgoals.org)

Global Goals For Sustainable DevelopmentAchieving these goals over the next fifteen years will not be easy, but as I reflected upon them I thought, what if they are achieved and how might the world be – better? Well of course it must be better if millions of people are not living in extreme poverty and there is greater equality and the threat of climate change is understood and mitigated.

Then I thought, what is my role, what can I do to support these goals?  That’s when I go the crazy idea…

What if I hold myself and my businesses accountable to these seventeen goals over the next fifteen years? What if I report on progress each year to what I and my businesses have done in supporting them? What if I am fully transparent in my success and failures – no spin, just straight talk and action?

What if I then in parallel, share this to other people and encourage them to do the same? What if this starts to take momentum and more people come on board, more businesses do this as well – startups, micro businesses, and small to medium sized business. Could this be possible? Could this help to achieve these goals?

Well this is no longer an idea… because I have committed to do this today and while my purpose has been clear to me for some time, this thinking has changed the game and now I must step up. You see my vision and purpose now is much bigger than myself and while that is incredibly scary it is now driving me with a deeper sense of conviction and urgency to work hard and achieve it.

What’s your crazy idea?

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