How To Improve Business Performance In The New Economy – Industry 4.0

How To Improve Business Performance For Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Startups, SMBs and SMEs

We Can Help You Improve Business Performance In Four Ways…

At The Startup Business and The Startup Business School, we can provide you with practical capabilities based on years of real world experience, coupled with insights of emerging trends and ideas to give you the best resources available…

Business & Technology Education

What are the emerging trends that you need to be aware of? Will these be threats to ride out, or the next gen opportunities to leverage? What if you had early insight as to what they are and what they mean? At The Startup Business, we can help you through pulling together bespoke insights and education.

Entrepreneur Mentoring & Business Coaching

Are you operating optimally or do you as Stephen Covey says, need to “sharpen the saw”? Do you know which saw to sharpen? At The Startup Business, we can help you by providing one on one mentoring. This can be conducted remotely – again the key emphasis is tailoring to your needs of tomorrow, delivered today.

Startup & Business Advisory

What, where, how and who – but have you answered the why question first? Too often we jump straight in to implementing, that we ignore some more fundamental questions and analysing our own needs independently, before we are engaging with specific partners. At The Startup Business, we take you through each phase of the maturity life cycle to ensure your strategy is fit for purpose and the right questions are being answered at the right time based upon your own level of maturity and experience.

RPA, AI, Automation & Outsourcing For Startups, SMBs, SMEs

What if there was another way in which you did not need to concern yourself with the “how” and only was interested in the outcome or result? What if you could turn a tap on or off depending upon demand? Well this is the new world of “as a service”. Differing from traditional outsourcing or contracting models, the focus is on entire supply chains and alignment with results in mind.

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