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“Business In The Box” Outsourcing & Business Automation For Entrepreneurs and Startups


Select Just One, Or All Twenty Business In The Box Outsourcing & Business Automation Services To Help You And Your Business With Strategy, Sales, Service, Support Or Sustainability…

STRATEGY | Business Strategy Development

We will help you to firstly define what you want your business to look like, second we help you shape the goals and objectives for your business, and third we help you clarify the most important aspect of your business strategy – why you do what you do

STRATEGY | Market Positioning & Branding

We will help you create your own “category of one” and your unique value proposition, where there is no one else offering the specific solutions that you provide for your targeted customers

STRATEGY | SEO Research & Analysis

We will identify and define all the key search words and key phrases that your target customers use when they are searching for businesses that provide the same services like you, as well as how your competitors are ranked on Google for these same SEO words, so that you can stand out from the crowd

STRATEGY | Product Design & Creation

We will help you to design and create a product and service portfolio, to provide your targeted customers with the “next logical step” in their relationship with you including free opt ins, low value, medium value and high value offers

SALES | Content Creation & Publishing

We will help you to design a content creation and publishing strategy that includes the key words and phrases to build your brand and influence, while making it easy for you to do, by teaching you how to re-purpose content that you have created into multiple forms and published on multiple platforms

SALES | Social Media Set-Up & Run

We will help you identify and create the essential social media platforms you need and The Startup Business Social Media Team will then manage these platforms, by posting rich and relevant content plus interact with your followers to build brand awareness in the eyes of your targeted customers  

SALES | Sales Funnels Set-Up & Run

We will set up and maintain your key sales landing pages and funnels using our preferred technology application Clickfunnels, with “calls to action” and connect them to other applications like email responders, webinars, cloud storage, calendar appointment bookings etc, allowing you to free up your time to do what you do best

SALES | LIVE Stream Webinar Hosting

We will help you to run LIVE webinars by assisting you with your presentations, setting up registration pages optimised for social media sharing, promoting your webinar across our social network, sending out automated reminder emails & SMS texts to registered guests, hosting your webinar on our WebinarJam or Zoom platforms plus providing you with the post webinar recordings with email leads

SERVICE | Technology Application Integration

We will identify the key technology applications in your business that require to be integrated in order for data to be transferred, doing this directly using shared API, or if not possible, using our third party application Zapier, in order to do so providing you and your customers an awesome and efficient experience

SERVICE | Email & Business Automation

We will set up and maintain your key email opt in automation needs, using our preferred email automation responder MailChimp, including your prospects first welcome email series, as a result of them responding to calls to action for things like “down load this free guide”, or “register for this webinar” etc

SERVICE | 24x7 Customer Service Desk

We will help you set up a common email or message box and then manage all your customer inquiry emails or messages that are received, with 24×7 The Startup Business Concierge Team, giving your prospects and customers immediate attention and setting expectations for the resolution of their questions

SERVICE | eCommerce Platforms Build & Run

We will help you set up and manage your eCommerce needs using common platforms such as Kajabi for memberships, Shopify for products and Stripe or PayPal to collect money, saving you the time and effort to figure all this out on your own, while providing an overall seamless experience for your customers

SUPPORT | Finance & Crowd Funding

We will help you navigate all the finance / funding options for your business, whether this be loans, grants or through crowd funding, to provide the best solution to grow your business

SUPPORT | S.M.A.R.T Office & VA Admin

We will provide you with our S.M.A.R.T Office & VA Admin services that will take care of the more repetitive tasks in your business, so that your time can focus on the more important aspects of your business

SUPPORT | Joint Venture Partnerships

We will help you to grow your business, by identifying, evaluating and supporting potential joint venture partnerships that will either be complimentary (target the same customer segment), or supplementary (target a different customer segment), creating win-win outcomes for all parties

SUPPORT | Business Mentoring & Coaching

We will provide you with personal one-to-one business mentoring & coaching by Dr Ross McKenzie, where you will have regular video teleconferences giving you the opportunity to ask questions and receive clarity about your business, building momentum and growth

SUSTAIN | Business Planning

We will help you to build a business plan that is structured in a way that gives you and your team clarity of what you need to do over the next 12 months to three years, and for investors and finance partners such as banks the necessary detail that attracts positive engagment

SUSTAIN | Business Consulting & Advisory

We will work with you to assess the big opportunities for your business, including emerging technology, new innovations, or changing customer demographics that could potentially transform your business from what you are doing today

SUSTAIN | Sales Campaign Management

We will work with you to implement systemised 90 day sales campaigns that are designed with very specific and measurable outcomes to grow your business four times a year providing you and your team with laser focus

SUSTAIN | Business Health Checks

We will work with you each quarter (3 months) to identify areas in your business that require improvement using our Business Health Check Self Assessment tool and then develop recommendations with you to implement so that you are continuously moving forward

Custom Outsourcing & Robotic Process Automation Services For Founders, SMB’s and SME’s


Perhaps You Would Like Us Do Do More Of The Heavy Lifting In Your Business – If So, Our Custom Outsourcing & Robotic Process Automation Services Is For You…

Contact Centre

Our pool of highly skilled associates, with valuable industry experience across multiple service lines, place us at the forefront of customer service.

The Startup Business & Phykon’s round-the-clock voice support team provides comprehensive customer relation solutions, for small, midsize and large enterprises alike.

As the more interactive form of communication, Voice support has an ascendancy of its own. Our round-the-clock voice support team provides comprehensive customer relation solutions, for small, midsize and large enterprises alike. Our customer oriented engagement model is tailored to ensure a fulfilling conversation while observing the proper etiquette.

Call Center

The Startup Business & Phykon’s provide immaculate call center services across multiple verticals for your business. We listen to your customers and aim to satisfy them by answering their queries completely and indisputably.

Our Call Center Services include:

  • Inbound Call CenterOur handpicked executives  have been extensively trained to handle every possible support scenario to provide solutions to customer initiated query calls. We offer communication services specifically designed to maximize the efficiency of your direct marketing efforts.
  • Outbound Call CenterWe manage a broad range of outbound services for clients across various industry segments. We reach out to customers to gather information and to help improve your product without causing the slightest inconvenience to the customer.

Telephonic Surveys

The Startup Business & Phykon’s work closely with international data companies who ask us to conduct telephonic surveys. Telephonic surveys increases the scope of the survey. The more people you interview, better the survey.

The Startup Business & Phykon’s Email Support Team works 24/7 and in most of the time zones providing over-night solutions to customer queries.

In the communication medium, email shifts convenience completely towards the customer. Our Email Support Team works 24/7 and in most of the time zones providing over-night solutions to customer queries. Our meticulous response system ensures that questions addressed by customers are answered and cleared in the fastest manner.

In Email support, speed and accuracy is one of the most important aspects for efficient service. We always compete among ourselves to achieve maximum effectiveness and precision. Therefore, The Startup Business & Phykon’s standards are always higher than the industry standards.

Outsourcing chat support to The Startup Business & Phykon can help you save time, effort and resources, ensure ease and availability while producing an increase in revenue.

Chat support is a necessity for any organization’s E-commerce vertical. A live chat support ensures accessibility and ease for the customer. Chat support is a helpful tool for lead generation and expansion of customer base. Outsourcing chat support to The Startup Business & Phykon can help you save time, effort and resources, while creating an increase in revenue. Online chat support has seen immense growth over the years since the advent of Web 2.0 where people need to communicate with the provider or manufacturer of the service/ product they spend money on.

Chat Support Team is one of the most resourceful and competent work forces available for chat support. They have undergone our rigorous recruitment and training process. Any E-commerce website or business can bank on our Chat Support Team’s expertise.

We ease accessibility by providing support via prominent social media platforms for all your queries.

A huge majority of online activities are taken up by social media. A large part of customers have an social media presence and wish to seek assistance through those platforms as it shifts convenience completely to their side. Our support executives are equipped with the knowledge and tools to provide quality support services via these platforms.

Technical Support

Our Technical Support Services help leverage businesses to improve lead generation & customer satisfaction by providing competent technical resolutions.

The Startup Business & Phykon’s unique service delivery model and expertise in state-of-the-art remote surveillance imaging equipment places it at the forefront of IP camera support.

The Startup Business & Phykon has established capability with expertise in different domains and state of the art remote surveillance imaging equipment. We offer round the clock support to multiple leaders in the IP camera industry. We have successfully incorporated customer care, up selling and cross selling with traditional technical support.

Our unique service delivery model has enabled our clients with faster Return of Investments, improved customer relations and customer satisfaction, better customer retention and an increase in revenue per customer.

The Startup Business & Phykon has achieved consistency in customer satisfaction and turnaround times across all possible channels of technical support. A rich human resource pool and our impulsion to hire, train and retain human resource ensure an uninterrupted technical support channel 24/7 all through the year irrespective of national and local holidays. Our general services include:


Remote Installation

  • Port forwarding [Windows & Mac] for different routers like Linksys, AT&T, Blkin, Motorola
  • Double Port forwarding
  • Wireless Setup
  • Email Alerts or Mail Service Settings
  • Installation of Recording software
  • Setting up cam to be viewed from mobile device operating systems like iOS, Android and Blackberry
  • Configuring Audio/Video recording for Windows/Mac
  • Configuring alarms and motion detection
  • Firmware upgrading and installation


  • IP camera software troubleshooting
  • Camera lens troubleshooting
  • Night vision troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting Microphone

Our Technical Support team troubleshoots and configures hardware for optimum performance keeping in mind the customers’ requirement.

The Startup Business & Phykon’s proprietary hardware support services are trained to remotely resolve the hardware issues of even the least tech-savvy person. Our Technical Support team troubleshoots and configures hardware for optimum performance keeping in mind the customers’ requirement.

Our highy adequate pool of employees helps up to dedicated teams to provide support for customers from different regions. This enables the hardware provider to promise 24/7 hardware troubleshooting and remote support irrespective of regional holidays.

At The Startup Business & Phykon, we understand the variable human resource requirement of businesses. Since we maintain more than one team for dedicated hardware support, our human resource is highly scalable that can be scaled up or down based on the client’s requirement. This gives our clients complete freedom to dedicate their focus on their other core competencies.

Our team is trained in latest generic software support and our training system is fine tuned to make training on new proprietary software a hassle free experience.

Our Software Technical Support team is trained to be provide assistance within moments of clients’ request. Our team is trained in latest generic software support and our training system is fine tuned to make training on new proprietary software a hassle free experience for the client. Our Software Technical Support is specialized in:

Software Installation

Our software support team helps the customer by remotely installing different proprietary software and generic supporting software. The engineers who provide remote support are trained to resolve any issue in the first call reducing average handling time that would help our client to reduce support costs tremendously.

Software Configuration

Software configuration is one of the problems that a customer faces. Most software requires experts to configure and we are always there to support our clients. We work 24/7 and prioritize customers’ calls mails depending on the urgency and difficulty. Call and mail escalation to better experienced engineers helps fastest software configuration solutions.

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Services

The Startup Business & Phykon capitalizes on its technology and years of experience to provide unmatched services for core and auxiliary processes of business enterprises.

Data entry services for multiple verticals like Retail, e-Commerce etc. Raw data received in various formats are converted and updated in the database as required by the client.

The Startup Business & Phykon provides data entry services for multiple verticals like Retail, Wholesale, e-Commerce, Logistics etc. Raw data received as PDF, JPEG, TIFF etc are manually entered into the database online/offline or through alternate interfaces.

Directory Services

The Startup Business & Phykon offers directory based data entry services including data obtained from online/offline yellow pages, smart pages etc. We capture data from these pages and enter them into your directory database.


Books, scanned images or photographs, we retrieve textual data from various formats and enter them manually into an E-book platform with zero error and maximum efficiency.

PDF-Document Conversion

The Startup Business & Phykon provides data entry services to convert PDF documents into your desired format keeping your deadlines in mind.

Insurance Data Entry

Insurance companies all over the world have huge amounts of data coming in from their customers. Insurance companies have to handle data in the form of filings, claims, complaints etc, not to mention the data involving employees and agents from different parts of the country or the world. The Startup Business & Phykon’s data entry teams enter, and file data and, if required, process unordered data and deliver it to the company in their desired formats.

Financial Data Entry

Financial companies usually have huge databases involving critical financial data, which are to be handled with extreme diligence. Phykon provides data entry solutions for Finance Companies with unmatched security and confidentiality. Security becomes a mandatory concern for all data entry solutions with a promise to ensure reliability and confidentiality.

Hospital Data Entry

Hospital Managements around the world manage tedious filing and protecting of huge databases on patient details, with accuracy and security. These patients come with insurance policies and it is a huge task for the hospitals to monitor and analyze the data. The Startup Business & Phykon’s Data Entry Services will do the data entering and monitoring part of the hospital’s data. We process and enter filled forms and prescriptions into their database in real-time.

Data Entry From Images

For firms that need to extract data from image files, we provide efficient conversion of images into appropriate formats. We digitize those photos into text or portable data formats as requested by the clients.

The Startup Business & Phykon’s accounting specialists are internationally trained across various industry verticals and are highly experienced to provide reliable accounting services.

The Startup Business & Phykon’s accounting teams headed by experts, provide accounting services to offshore clients with unrivaled regularity and precision. We have dedicated accounting teams committed and trained to do accounts and book keeping by adhering to the accounting and tax norms of the clients’ country.

Our Expert Teams Are Skilled In Handling:

  • US GAAP(Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) and FASB (Financial Accounting Services Bureau)
  • Australian Accounts Standard Board(AASB) SAC1 (Definition of the Reporting Entity) and SAC2 (General Purpose Financial Reporting)
  • IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) for European Union, GCC Countries, India

Our Book Keeping Services Include:

  1. Credit/Debit Posting
  2. Payroll Management
  3. Cash Receipt Management
  4. Financial Reporting
  5. Balance Sheets

We convert, consolidate and control data without redundancies to provide improved security and integrity.

The process, manipulation and management of data are significant components of a meticulous procedure which demands diligence and accuracy. Efficient documentation of data is necessary to determine the progress and status of an organisation with respect to its objectives. Apart from providing a clear picture of the present position, it establishes a detailed trail towards past transactions and decisions. An accurate data management system helps in making informed investment decisions, risk mitigation and efficient migration. Our seasoned market experience, skilled data handlers and new-age technical capabilities help us to provide quality data management solutions for our clients.

Managing financial data requires expert strategic reference methods to ensure a accurate and consistent match between expected external environmental conditions and internal organizational capabilities to facilitate an improved performance.

Our enterprise data management system catalogues order details, transaction and balances to provide a comprehensive view of expenditure, risk and exposure.

The Startup Business & Phykon’s team of data management experts are independent of platforms and are trained to handle complex legacy systems. Outsourcing data management to The Startup Business & Phykon’s will facilitate your data migration in non-disruptive manner with an efficient data centre footprint.

Order processing service is a key element in improving efficiency in the order fulfillment cycle that caters to the needs of businesses to perform a predefined flow of tasks on sales orders.

Consumer To Business

With more and more customers ordering via internet and telephone, customer satisfaction has become the key to maintaining a lasting relationship. Prompt and secure order process and delivery is important to customer satisfaction. The Startup Business & Phykon’s provide end-to-end Consumer to Business order processing service, starting with order placement, payment verification to dispatching and follow-up. We take extreme care on customer satisfaction when it comes to order processing.

Business To Business

More than 40% of all business-to-business orders are online these days. Business to business orders are often huge, bulk and often non-conventional consumer products. We take extreme caution in taking these orders and processing them to ensure their timely delivery. Business-to-Business (B2B) orders are repeats, often, at a particular interval and we at The Startup Business & Phykon understand the importance of the relationship between our client and our client’s client. Therefore, we ensure fast, prompt and accurate processing and follow up of every order upon dispatch.

Shipping Order Processing (Order To Ship)

The Order to Ship process involves activities that occur between the receipt of orders from customers and dispatching products. We have implemented an efficient and error free OTS (Order To Ship) processing system to help our customers ship their products effortlessly. We provide back end services to the Consigner, Shipper and Consignee ensuring prompt and accurate delivery of the consignment.

KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) Services

The Startup Business & Phykon’s highly trained process management personnel provides comprehensive solutions for knowledge processes by undertaking and assisting in services.

The Startup Business & Phykon provides order management services to its clients. We take orders from the clients and enter them into the clients’ database format.

For any retailer or business, an in-house order management system may take up tremendous amount of time and resources. The best way to tackle this problem is by outsourcing the whole Order Management Process to an offshore location where the business can get the desired result for less than half the expenses. Many businesses are apprehensive about handing over their total order management to offshore location. This arises due to security factors and the complexities of the knowledge process. Our proficient knowledge process team is technically trained to handle even the most complex knowledge processes.

The Startup Business & Phykon’s secure atmosphere and transparency in communication lets you outsource your order management over to our facility peacefully. The Startup Business & Phykon’s experience in order management across multiple verticals ensures our efficient adaptation to your process whatever your business may be. Our team familiarizes every related software and terminology within the shortest period of time to provide top-notch services. We also provide end-to-end visibility of the whole order management process to the client. The Startup Business & Phykon’s Order Management team delegates process tasks based on their importance and conduct reliability tests and call backs to ensure an error-free management.


  • Reliability Testing
  • Order Transcriptions
  • Verification of stock and inventory
  • Create order vouchers with shipping details
  • Accounting & Electronic Fund Transfers
  • Order shipment
  • Confirm Delivery Details (via Phone/Email)
  • Confirm shipment
  • Confirm Delivery
  • Customer services
  • Receive feedback from customers

We ensure that the functionality and physical durability of products falls within the expected norms, throughout its life cycle.

Most products are hardly ever perfect. Establishing and maintaining the consistent performance of any product is the every day objective of every organisation. Ensuring that the products functionality and physical durability falls within the expected norms, throughout its life cycle, is the overall purpose of configuration management.

CM provides a clear picture of where the product stands with respect to the objectives, whether or not it complies with its specification and weather changes are warranted. The deepest insight into the every-day performance of every product is best available from the every-day users of the same. Our support services encounters the various shortcomings and technical drawbacks of the current version directly from consumers and catalogue them for consideration. Our CM services include:

  • Configuration Identification
  • Configuration Control Strategies
  • Configuration Itinerary
  • Configuration Verification
Our experience in handling most process related software equips us with the valuable technical know-how to provide consulting services to KPO start-ups.

The Startup Business & Phykon has been providing KPO services for reputed franchise owners for a considerable amount of time now. This has led to an in-depth knowledge of the technical aspects of knowledge processes. Our experience in handling most process related software equips us with the valuable technical know-how to provide consulting services to KPO start-ups. We also provide support services to those requiring customizations of the stock software. The Startup Business & Phykon’s consulting team has trained and helped several franchise owners and in-house process handlers to establish unique process frameworks and improve business performance by boosting productivity and reducing cycle times. Our services include:

  • Support services for Knowledge process softwares
  • Customized, unique frameworks
  • Process Diagnostics
  • Process Solutions
  • Standardisation Training
  • Quality Management

Social Media Marketing

From online branding and presence management to unique campaigns, we work vigorously behind the scenes to proclaim your identity.

Online Branding, the first tangible step in Social Media Marketing, is the online proclamation of your enterprise or identity.

Online Branding, or the online proclamation of your enterprise or identity, is the first tangible step in Social Media Marketing. It is always preceded by thorough analysis and research  regarding various factors.

Profile / Web Page Creation

We create profiles and pages which represents your online presence.

Depending on the platform, we use strategies to upload relevant posts to serve different purposes which accumulate towards realizing the objective.

We utilize the unique individual traits of existing social media platforms and administer content appropriately to realize objectives.

We utilize the unique individual traits of existing social media platforms and administer content appropriately to realize objectives. We provide marketing and management services in platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Blogger etc.

Although analysis differs for different entities, some general services include:

  • Relevant Content optimized for recent SEO Engine such as hummingbird
  • Creating and managing back-links to promote traffic
  • Analysis of relevant audiences to optimize content
  • Competitive analysis
  • Analysis of relevant trending and social factors to optimize content

We provide consultancy services to Social Media Startups regarding basic and advanced social media services.

Claiming expertise in Social Media Marketing is no easy task. To a start-up firm, Social Media Marketing looks cheap and easy enough. But, as most seasoned firms would agree, this is hardly the case.

Social Media Marketing is no magic pill. There is no button for Virality. It’s like baseball where we keep swinging and it’s the combination of a lot of elements like clever content, social relevance, trending factors, appropriate audience and timing that makes it a home run. But there are firms that may not agree to this. As we have seen successful and unsuccessful examples of forced virality in the past.

We provide support for Social Media Marketing start-ups and provide assistance on various aspects. From basic page/profile creations, ideal capturing of the client identities to voice and conversation etiquette, we provide support for all social media related services.

We offer Services For : Twitter,  Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Platform management is a continual process where we utilize the strong points of each platform to make sure that your online presence doesn’t become dormant.

We utilize the strong points of each platform to achieve specific payoffs. Platform management is a continual process to make sure that your online presence doesn’t become dormant. A vibrant and ever-present Social Media presence play a large part in improving your visibility.

  • Utilize the intimacy of social interaction to connect to a wider audience
  • Regular posting and sharing of engaging content
  • Promoted Posts
  • Custom apps

Software Services

The Startup Business & Phykon offers the development of comprehensive and sophisticated software and application packages that are crafted to perfection.

The Startup Business & Phykon’s software division creates top of the line customized software applications for Businesses and individuals all over the world in a wide variety of segments.

Every business needs software that meet their own unique requirements. The Startup Business & Phykon’s software division creates top of the line customized software applications for Businesses and individuals all over the world in a wide variety of segments. From Business to multimedia purposes, we create software that are compatible and par with existing technologies. We help create a better e-world by facilitating routine processes for businesses and individuals.

Digital Dashboards

We design interactive interfaces that gives you a visual step by step analysis of your performance. With user defined Performance Indicators that help business owners/managers to evaluate their performance based on customized requirements. Some basic services include:

  • Faster Backups
  • Advanced GUI
  • Define advanced privileges
  • User defined goal conversions

Reporting Software

  • We make real time reporting possible through our web based reporting softwares
  • Our GUI for reporting software is time tested and flawless
  • Our reporting engine delivers data with respect to your hardware capability
  • Business Intelligence is made hassle free
  • Multi-format outputs
Our dedicated Q.A. experts employ both static and dynamic analysis techniques to conduct quality checks for hundreds of applications.

Our dedicated Q.A. experts work to provide quality checks for hundreds of applications. We also have a dedicated Q.A. team for handling outsourced quality analysis services.

Phykon’s Quality Analysis / Testing center deploys its experts to establish the following in an application or a process:

  • Promise of Quality
  • Verification of the finished product
  • Dependability

The Startup Business & Phykon’s Q.A life cycle is designed to offer assurance that the products satisfy the international standards and requirements. Our Q.A team employees both static and dynamic techniques for assuring the quality of software.

Static Quality Analysis Techniques are the most effective analysis techniques that form the basis of our Quality analysis life cycle. The Static Quality Analysis techniques we use include:

  • People Intensive Static Techniques: This technique involves checklists and desired results. This analysis can be executed not only on the finished product but also on the project milestones or part of a project
  • Analysis Intensive Static Technique: These techniques are generally tool driven and our experts perform this analysis as a successive step of People Intensive Static Techniques
  • In the dynamic quality analysis, every output is analyzed in real-time to assure the Presentation, Stability, Accuracy and Comprehensiveness of the software


Our in-house team of developers build and maintain websites which ensures functionality and a memorable user experience.

Our in-house team of developers, proficient in PHP,/MySQL .NET and CMS, build and maintain websites exclusively for our clients. We aim to satisfy our client needs by providing customizations of even the most finest detail. While designing any website we keep in mind to provide functionality and to make the experience memorable for the user.

A website is the online representation of your enterprise. In earlier times, setting up a website was much simpler. But this has changed as millions of websites compete for online engagement. Websites today need to capture the voice and identity of the enterprise they represent. This takes the role and responsibility of a web development team to the next level. Having a competent website not only increases your sales and visibility but the credibility of the brand as well. Our basic principle while designing a website are:

  • Simplicity
  • Innovation
  • Security
  • Flexibility
  • Data mining
  • Individuality

Chat Support Team of the The Startup Business & Phykon is one of the most resourceful and competent work forces available for chat support. They have undergone our rigorous recruitment and training process. Any E-commerce website or business can bank on our Chat Support Team’s expertise.

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