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Productivity Tools & Automation For Your Startup Business

One of the biggest challenges I’ve found facing businesses today to improve performance, is understanding what the best productivity and automation tools are.

Then, how do you go about implementing these tools into your business.

All too often… many entrepreneurs and businesses rush into buying and implementing a particular productivity or automation tool set as a result of prior experience, misconceptions, bias and literally a lack of knowledge of what is available in the market today compared to what would be a more strategic fit for them.

This approach ultimately leads to poor decision making, financial inefficiency or just pure waste.

There is also another group of entrepreneurs and businesses that I have observed, that just keep putting off making decisions because they are waiting for the perfect tool to do everything for them!

However in reality there is no one perfect solution.

So this “non-decision” is also wasting valuable resources due to the lost productivity gains achievable when delaying the implementation of the right tools.

This is why I want to reveal to you, what’s been my secret weapon for setting up and scaling up entrepreneur’s startups and businesses, now for over 25 years, and has led me to generating millions of dollars in savings.

Simply, this is the principle of strategic automation.

This is where we look at ways to remove manual intervention of tasks, activities and processes, across functions.

When you do this, the objective is to improve the overall performance and not just in one area.

Whether this is on cost, time or quality in delivery, or in terms of additional capability that you would not have received unless you implemented automation.

It’s really all about understanding the value drivers.

The advice I give is to ensure you take a strategic and holistic view of your business – integration is key with automation tools and you need to aim for a seamless as possible experience.

This will ensure of course optimal productivity, but importantly the best possible customer experience. And by customer I mean external and internal customers.

So, to find out more about how you can identify the right automation tools to implement in your business, regardless of whether you are a startup of one person, or a growing business, so that you can free up valuable resources both in labour and cost, I’ve put together a special report that contains my ultimate list of must have tools you need, in order to automate your business.

And as a thank you for reading this post, I’m giving you this report absolutely free.

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In this report you’ll discover:

  • My 12 tips to driving an automation strategy across your business
  • The 7 automation tool categories – giving you a more holistic view across your business in areas that you may not have considered previously possible to automate
  • The 44 tools including their direct web links that you can instantly review in more detailSo make sure you click on this link to grab your copy now.

So make sure you grab a copy from the link, or you can what my You Tube video:


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