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Ross McKenzie – Founder Of The Startup Business Talks Taking Control…

It tends to be in moments of peace that we find clarity – for me, it was travelling along the Mekong River.

You see, the Mekong flows through China, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

It is the twelfth longest river in the world and a sight to behold.

Many years ago, I had hitched a ride on a local Cambodian fishing boat.

Past rice paddies, banana plantations and small villages built on ten-metre-high stilts.

The hot sun beat down, women washed clothes and men fixed their nets by the shore.

The only noise to break the peaceful silence was the steady hum of our diesel engine and the laughter of children playing in the water.

It was in this quiet, peaceful moment, sitting back and watching life go by, that I was struck by the lack of purpose in my professional life.

Until then, I had enjoyed a very successful career helping businesses worldwide become more profitable.

However I realised it was a career built around achieving and seeking significance. 

For years I had been assisting businesses to set up, scale and sustain.

The lessons and experience I gained were important, no doubt, but doing this while working for someone else was, in reality, not all that fulfilling.

What’s more, the job typically meant tradeoffs, sometimes even compromising my personal values.

So it was at that moment that I realised I could have more.

What if I kept doing the work that I’d been doing for so many years – work that I was good at, but this time, what if I did it my way?

On my own terms?

Not working for someone else.

What if I started my own business?

What if I finally started practicing what I had been preaching to others all these years?

And so it was in that peaceful moment that I made a decision.

It was at that moment that The Startup Business was born.


I want to live and contribute anywhere at anytime

Dr Ross McKenzie
Siem Reap – Cambodia


Your Big Dream?

The peace I found on the Mekong in Cambodia was my catalyst for change.

It is what drove me to take the leap and found The Startup Business.

While it feels like we are still just getting started, it is a business founded on creating a purpose for myself and all the entrepreneurs we support globally.

I am grateful for the impact we are able to make.

Wherever you are in your life right now, maybe you are doing something you just don’t enjoy.

Perhaps you want to do something with more meaning.

Or maybe you have a passion you want to pursue.

It always starts with a single step – Dr. Ross McKenzie

Dr Ross McKenzie

Founder & CEO – The Startup Business

Leading Growth & Turnaround Expert
Non Executive Director & Board Advisor
Member Australian Institute Of Company Directors
Member Singapore Institute Of Directors
Author, Speaker & Thought Leader
Applied Science Graduate – Charles Sturt University
Executive MBA – University NSW & Sydney University
Master Of Education – University Technology Sydney
Doctorate – Macquarie University

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