RPA, AI, Automation and Outsourcing Services

RPA, AI, Automation and Outsourcing For Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Startups, SMBs and SMEs

Transform Your Business With RPA, AI, Automation and Outsourcing

At The Startup Business and The Startup Business School, we help entrepreneurs, startups, SMBs and SMEs grow and scale. We do this with our RPA, AI, Automation and Outsourcing services.

This includes…

RPA and AI Solutions. Administration and Support. 24×7 Call Centre Solutions. Membership Website and SEO. Customer Relationship Management Solutions. Sales Campaigns. Sales Funnels. Lead Generation. Hosted Webinars. Email and Business Automation. Content Creation and Publishing. Social Media Management.

RPA and AI Solutions

Our expertise in RPA, AI, and Automation will ensure you achieve optimal efficiencies. We provide leading capabilities through Google AI, IBM Watson and UiPath.

Membership Websites and SEO

We can design, implement and manage your Membership Website and SEO Strategy, identifying the best fit technologies including Kajabi.

Customer Relationship Management Solutions

We can establish and manage your CRM platform. Because we use best in class technologies like Microsoft 365 and Freshworks.

Email and Business Automation

We will set up and maintain your email automation needs, using MailChimp. Plus, we will create a series of emails that are sent automatically once your prospects subscribe.

Lead Generation

We will help you grow your business with our Lead Generation Services. We use our multi-channel platforms and professional out-bound call centre team to help generate business for you.

Social Media Management

We will set up and manage all the social media platforms you need. By posting relevant content on your behalf, plus interact with your followers, your brand awareness will grow. 

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