So How Do We Get To Rome… Gladiator?

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What are the new rules for sales and marketing for today’s startups?

In today’s Information Age, is sales and marketing about large advertising campaigns? Is it about product launches and promotions? Or is sales and marketing today about building one to one relationships – relationship marketing as the pro’s call it?

Well it still is partly all that, but there is something now that is very important that if you are in business today and you are doing it effectively, it is likely that you will be generating significantly more revenue than your peers who are not doing it at all. In fact you are probably leading the market niche or segment that you are in, or at least, making an impact on it.

For those of you who are doing this, I am sure you are also building loyal followings by connecting and creating your own “tribes” and having them advocate on your behalf.

However, for those of you in business who are not doing this, or not doing it in a focused and targeted way, well what can I say, you are missing a huge opportunity and one that a competitor, or startup business that you do not know the name of yet, will take from you.

What I am talking about is the importance of creating high quality content within a content management strategy as the keystone of your sales and marketing efforts.

Brendon Burchard, founder of the Experts Academy, stresses the importance in providing overwhelming value consistently and not be concerned that you are giving a lot of this away for free. After all, if you believe in what you do and how it can help people, then why not!

Of course though, you are in business and somewhere along the line there is the need for a profit, so the key to this is being strategic. Everything that you create and market, is strategically placed so that it leads to your desired outcome and objective. Jeff Walker who developed his Product Launch Formula knows this more than most – he’s known as the six hundred million dollar man for the successful campaigns that he has coached his clients to achieve.

As the saying goes, “all roads lead to Rome” – it just might mean that your targeted client avatars (I will cover this aspect in a future post) do not realise they are travelling to Rome as yet, but when we build a relationship and they get to know you and trust you, well then of course they want to go to Rome, in fact they will lead you there!

So how do we get to Rome… Gladiator?

Well I am sure you already do a lot of planning. Imagine though doing it differently from now. Imagine planning out the next twelve months where every marketing action, every social media post, every email being sent, every event that you attend or host, on their own, appear straight forward but combined are contributing to a force of momentum in your business that is unstoppable!

When I asked this same question to one of my clients, they said “that would be OK”.


No it’s not “OK”, it’s pretty awesome I think! In fact it might be a game changer for you!

But this takes discipline and work and repetition (we have all heard that before haven’t we?) because when I refer to planning out the year, I am referring to individual days (yes there are 365 of them) plus specific times during the day. But let me get to that at another time. For now just dwell on the idea that you have this opportunity right now to play by the new rules and when you get good at them, that is, when you achieve mastery, then and only then, make up some new ones!

Go forth Gladiator!

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