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Why You Need To Understand The New Economy To Succeed In Business Today


Today, we are experiencing a magnitude of change that is unprecedented in all of time.

Disruption to how we think through Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

There is disruption in how we interact and collaborate with each other through Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) technologies.

Plus disruption in how we move physically and virtually through Driver-less Vehicles, Robotics, Automation, Augmented Reality, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

There are new ways to transact with Digital & Crypto Currencies, Smart Contracts and the Blockchain.

New ways to trade like Software As A Service, The Gig Economy, The Sharing Economy and Everything As A Service.

Disruption to how we power and energize our communities with renewables like the sun, wind, water, waves and the earth, allowing us to power our businesses any where in the world.

Access to a global market place of over 7.6 billion people seeking your help, and your solutions to improve the quality of their lives.

This is the world we live in today, and this is The New Economy that you need to understand, if you want to grow and sxale your business and be successful.

Dr Ross McKenzie

Leading Business Growth & Turnaround Expert For Startups, SMBs & SMEs

“I Help Enterprises Grow & Scale In This Age Of The New Economy Business, So That They Can Focus On Creating Awesome Visions, Achieving Their Big Goals & Making A Difference”

Dr Ross McKenzie Is A Leading Business Growth & Turnaround Expert For Startups, SMBs & SME’s

For over 30 years Dr McKenzie has helped business globally, reinvent themselves and transform.

Having held senior executive positions at National Australia Bank, Westpac and the global consulting firm Capgemini, to name a few, Ross left the corporate sector in his late 40’s to start his own company.

As the Founder & CEO of The Startup Business, The Business Centre of Excellence, and The Fair Trade Group, Dr McKenzie assists businesses with their transition to The New Economy through Business & Technology Education, Entrepreneur Mentoring & Coaching, Startup & Business Advisory and AI, Automation & Outsourcing, as well as facilitating crowd funding for startups to bring new emerging capabilities such as SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud), IoT (Internet of Things), Cognitive Technologies (Automation, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning), and Blockchain into the market place.

Central to how Dr McKenzie & The Startup Business helps their clients, is through answering these fundamental questions for The New Economy…

How to…

Grow, Scale Or Turnaround A Business?

Reinvent & Differentiate A Business?

Increase Business Revenue?

Reduce Business Costs?

Future Proof A Business?

Create Long Term Business Value?


In addition, he holds multiple directorships and company advisor roles including at APAC Forums, a startup business technology event company.
He holds both masters and doctorate level business qualifications from Sydney University, University Of NSW and Macquarie University and is a regular speaker sharing insights and emerging ideas across business, technology and the community.

Discover The 3 Forces Of The New Economy Business™

Dr McKenzie’s pertinent and inspirational presentation: The 3 Forces Of The New Economy Business™ – How To Future Proof Yourself, Profession Or Business In This Age Of Unprecedented Disruption, is a “call to action” for professionals, entrepreneurs, founders and business leaders, to continue to strive for relevance, contribute value and be sustainable in the longer term…

ReWire – you must challenge the status quo, old paradigms and critically, your own mindset. Disrupt – you must become the disruptor of your industry otherwise you will not survive. Engage – you must build a presence that not only engages but is sustainable.

The 3 Forces Of The New Economy Business™ draws on insights and real world case studies based on Dr McKenzie’s core expertise across four New Economy Focus Areas: SMAC Technologies, AIRA Technologies, Internet of Things & Blockchain…

Industry Speaking Engagements

Recent speaking events include…

Entrepreneurial Event, London, February 2017 – “How To Reinvent Yourself For The New Economy”

Annual Investment Congress, Dubai, April 2017 – “Robots & Automation” to over 15,000 Delegates

Microsoft Events, Sydney & Melbourne, July – September 2017 – “ReWire, Disrupt, Engage”

Blockchain Conference, Sydney, November 2017 – “ReWire, Disrupt, Engage”

Blockchain Conference, India, March 2018 – “ReWire, Disrupt, Engage”

Annual Investment Congress, Dubai, April 2018 – “Robots & Automation Update” to over 19,000 Delegates

Automation Summit, Sydney, September 2018 – “Robotics & Cognitive Technologies”

Blockchain Conference, Sydney, September 2018 – “The Business Case For Blockchain”

Entrepreneurial Event, Melbourne, September 2018 – “How To Grow & Scale For The New Economy”

Seamless, Dubai, April, 2019 – “Next Gen Technologies”

Annual Investment Congress, Dubai, April 2019

Conferences Attended

International Association of Outsourcing Professional’s (IAOP) Outsourcing World Summit, USA, 2010 to 2017

Shared Services Week, Australia, 2010 to 2017

CeBIT, Sydney, 2010 to 2018

StartCon, Sydney, 2015, 2016, 2017

World Blockchain Conclave, Mumbai & Bengaluru, 2018

Thought Leadership Published

Doctoral Research Thesis on “Implementing & optimising global sourcing strategies”

Blog / Publish weekly articles posted online on how businesses set up, scale and sustain for The New Economy to global audience of approx. five hundred thousand

Professional Corporate Background

HCL Technologies –  Associate Vice President

Westpac Banking Corporation – Executive Director

Capgemini – Director

Electronic Data Systems (HP Services) – Operations Executive

National Australia Bank – Head Of Strategy & Global Transformation Director

Education & Accreditation

Doctorate Business Administration – Macquarie University

Executive MBA – AGSM, University of NSW & University of Sydney

Diploma Applied Science – Charles Sturt University

Advanced Diploma Project Management, Master Program Director & Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Professional Associations & Directorships

Australian Institute Company Directors

Non-Executive Director, numerous private companies

Microsoft Global Brand Ambassador

Learn Lead Legacy

Why Dr McKenzie does what he does, can be explained through the three values that underpin everything he and his companies do, with a specific focus in one of his companies, The Fair Trade Group, that was established to promote global sustainability and is a passionate supporter of the UN Sustainable Development Goals…

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