The Six Levers Of High Performing Digital Marketing

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Why You Need To Look At Your Digital Marketing Differently

Make no mistake, you need to be continually striving for high performance, in your digital marketing efforts to be able to cut through all the noise. However, this does not mean you need to have millions of dollars in resources to do this. In fact, even the smallest of businesses, can dominate their specific category or niche if they implement digital marketing effectively.

The problem however is that most smaller businesses and startups do not understand all the aspects that are required. This is also compounded by the reality there is so much information available – its like where do you start!

The Four Areas Of Your Digital Marketing Ecosystem

Over the years working with my clients, I realised many of them tended to focus on only one part of their digital marketing strategy. This was driven largely by my client’s individual bias or paradigms. However, what this lead to, were sub optimal outcomes.  Because there are four broad areas that need to be addressed when implementing the practicalities of an effective or high performing digital marketing strategy.

These four areas are…High Performing Digital Marketing 1

  • Front-End Activities – these include things like creating content for social media or web sites
  • Back-End Activities – these include setting up opt in pages and email sequences
  • Non-Technical Activities – these include things like posting content on social media or web sites
  • Technical Activities – these include search engine optimisation, automation, and risk management

Think of this as a 2×2 matrix or quadrant, where activities could be either: Quadrant I – Front-End & Non-Technical, Quadrant II – Front-End & Technical, Quadrant III – Back-End & Non-Technical and last, Quadrant IV Back-End & Technical

Based on our own research with our clients, most understand quadrant I well, with progressively deteriorating results for the other three quadrants.

The 6 Digital Marketing Levers

Throughout my professional background I have had a strong interest in the concept of “capability maturity”. Whether this be in the practice of Project Management, Business Analysis, Outsourcing, Change Management, or even Innovation, the fundamental concept is understanding how good you are and then implementing specific actions to improve even further. However, to do this, you must break down the “whole” into manageable “parts”. Also, you need to have insights into what is best practice – we call these benchmarks.

Coming from this perspective, I expanded the four quadrants and created something called The 6 Levers Of High Performing Digital Marketing™. This is a capability maturity model or framework, that helps our clients rapidly improve their own digital marketing performance in a short period of time.

Also, these 6 levers support both the Non-Technical and Technical Activities of your digital marketing strategy – the first three being largely Non-Technical, and the last three Technical Activities…

  • Style – this is about projecting your brand and positioning
  • Substance – this is to show your value and uniqueness
  • Shareability – this is ensuring it is easy to share your content, may be make it go viral and have others promote you
  • Structure – this is to ensure the most relevant content is easily accessible and responsive when it is requested
  • SEO – this is to ensure the basics of SEO are always in place and you are continually raising the bar to more advanced SEO techniques
  • Safety – this is to protect your intellectual property but also against potential vulnerabilities whether this be legal, technical, or even criminal

The 6 Digital Marketing Focus Areas

You can immediately apply these 6 levers to your existing digital marketing strategy for your business. Just allocate ten points to each lever (a total of 60 points available) and then ask yourself on a score of 1 to 10, how well do you think you are performing for each lever.

What was your score?

Now of course you do not have any benchmark data to compare with, so what you think is really good, may be some bodies else’s really bad. That said, this exercise will still give you a good indication how you may be performing and where there are opportunities for improvement.

High Performing Digital Marketing 2We use a slightly more complex framework that distinguishes the Front-End Activities from the Back-End Activities with six focus areas…

  • Social – this includes your social media channels
  • Sites – this includes your websites
  • Sales – this includes your opt in pages and sales offers
  • Sequences – this includes all your automated email sequences
  • Search – this includes your search engine ranking
  • Sway – this is your overall influence

By combining the six focus areas with the six levers, we can expand our original 2×2 matrix or quadrant to identify 36 specific activities! This level of detail, combined with our benchmarking, helps our clients easily implement a high performing digital marketing strategy by identifying what they are doing really well, and not so well or not at all.

Your Action Plan To Achieve High Performance

Now none of this should be difficult for you to get your head around, or to implement into your own business, now that we have a “system” to address it. Because that was our goal when we created The 6 Levers Of High Performing Digital Marketing™. A systemised approach to break down complexity into simple parts, which we then improve, resulting in high performance outcomes.

To take this further and improve your current Digital Marketing Strategy Performance, there are a couple of things you can do.

  • Do your own self-assessment, as suggested, across the six levers, to give yourself a starting point
  • Attend our monthly Digital Marketing Reviews where we do a case study assessment in real time, via a LIVE video teleconference where you can ask questions
  • Request a meeting with us where we can discuss your specific needs and how we may be able to help you

Finally, remember this to help you in your journey that excellence and high performance in digital marketing is not the result of chance and good luck. It comes from strategy, disciplined execution, and an unstoppable desire to be great.


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