The Fair Trade Store Launches

The Startup Business Fair Trade Store Tanzania

The Fair Trade Group Announces The Launch Of Their Fair Trade eCommerce Platform…

The platform will be showcasing artisans from communities around the world and their handicrafts.

Supported by the e-commerce platform Shopify, the whole end-to-end supply chain is semi automated, resulting in minimal overheads. What this means for consumers are fair valued products to purchase and for the artisans, maximised revenues.

The e-commerce store is also supported by a community site – to provide information and insights on all facets of fair trade.

When the founder of The Fair Trade Group was asked why he established the portal, Dr Ross McKenzie said:

“I wanted to create a way to give back but at the same time draw upon my expertise in global technology and startup businesses – that way I can help more businesses”.

As in the case with all Fair Trade products, the money that is made by the artisans is channelled back to their local communities and families.

So whether you are in New York, Hong Kong, Perth or Paris, you have at your finger tips access to some of the most beautiful hand made gifts while knowing that the proceeds are going towards making the world a better and fair place.

The Fair Trade Store Tanzania

The Fair Trade Group is part of The Business Centre of Excellence Pty Ltd or which also owns The Startup Business and The Startup Business School. All enquires regarding The Fair Trade Group, or the Fair Trade Store should be referred to

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