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The Five Disciplines Of Strategic Partnerships

Observing master craftsmen and artisans applying their unique talents to their chosen craft is always inspiring. Whether that be the blacksmith turning a red block of hot iron into a masterpiece, or young women performing a centuries old dance to perfection, ultimately what we are seeing is mastery taking place.

Now, of course we can un-pack these examples, but when we do, we miss the beauty of the overall picture. Because it is always the combination of the parts, making up the whole, that brings the greatest joy that we are appreciating and applauding.

However, all these master craftsmen and artisans needed to focus on each individual element – they had to have all the pieces in place and, over time, perfect each one them.

This is really a guiding principle in anything we do in life. For outsourcing, we can certainly apply this same principle.

In fact, we must make this an imperative. We need to make sure we have all the pieces in place and apply the required focus at the right time, if we want to be successful.

Sadly though, this is seldom done by businesses.

Some businesses may implement one or two components and make some progress in obtaining value from their outsourcing, and other businesses may implement everything, but for one reason or another, fail to be consistent – they fail on their execution.

Over the years at The Startup Business we have observed this. We have seen the good, the bad, and the just plain ugly when it comes to outsourcing and that is why we believe that “Execute With Discipline & Passion”, our fifth practice of The Seven Practices Of Highly Effective Outsourcing™, is so key to being successful in outsourcing today.

Once you’ve transitioned your business to your outsourcing partner …

There are five things that need to be in place between you and your partner at all times

When you have them, you will be successful in achieving value from outsourcing, because the very nature of these five things are continually driving your focus around obtaining real value. When you do not have them, or may be have just one or two of them, your outsourcing will likely to be mediocre, or will, at worse, fail.

So it is only by implementing all five, that you will have the opportunity of obtaining best in class outcomes.

Imagine today, that your outsourcing is positioned in your business the right way and you are scaling up to the next level because of it. Imagine also that this “right way” is where your outsourcing relationships are that of a partner, where value and insights are regularly shared. Imagine today, that in your outsourcing partner, you have everyone, from the most junior, through to the most senior members, excited about your business; they want you to succeed – they have your back.

Could that make a difference to your business’ success? Would your growth be accelerated? Do you think it would be possible you could now stand out from the crowd and even be seen as the leader in your industry?

These five things will make a difference to whether you are successful in outsourcing or not.

And we call these, The Five Disciplines Of Strategic Partnerships™…  

Service Operations Excellence

This is like an engine that is always finely tuned to deliver the most optimal performance.

Expert Consultation & Advice

Is like having your own in-house Q&A Desk that helps you with small tactical issues and big strategic challenges.

Robust Risk Management

Is like having a control centre where there are preventive and detective processes to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Value, Leading Practices & Insights

This is where you have a flow of information on tap that you can utilise that would otherwise not be obtainable.

Efficient & Effective Administration

Finally, this is like having a having a plug & play business office that is transparent and helps you with your planning.

The Five Disciplines Of Strategic Partnerships™ are essential to have in place if you want to do outsourcing the right way. When you get them right, you have the essential capability to set up, scale, and sustain your business. When you get them wrong, or worse, don’t implement them at all, your business outsourcing will…

  • Be unlikely to perform effectively
  • Probably just have a transactional, non-value adding relationship
  • Most likely increase your exposure to risk and threats
  • Not evolve due to a static outsourcing relationship
  • Have a significant management overhead to maintain such an outsourcing relationship

So to help you implement The Five Disciplines the fifth practice of The Seven Practices Of Highly Effective Outsourcing™ the right way into your business get your eBook and do the online self-assessment.