Dr Ross McKenzie - Entrepreneur - The Startup Business

Why Automation Tools Are Critical For Startup Businesses

Today Automation tools have become critical in startups and larger companies for a number of reasons.

They can provide SME businesses with the ability to carry out processes that have been set up in advance without the need to actively have someone do them. This can be a huge benefit when organizations are trying to reduce labor costs and simplify their tasks. However, there are some things that people should consider when deciding whether specific tools are best suited for optimisation in their company.

Automating or Outsourcing

One way that entrepreneurs have traditionally reduced the amount of work done in house is through outsourcing business processes. Automating can replace the benefits that companies can get when they outsource to a third party in many instances. However, people need to take the costs associated with automating business processes into consideration. Some of these tools may be free, and this is particularly true when companies are looking at open source software solutions. Additionally, many of the tools used in automating things like email marketing or social media posts can come with a monthly fee for service. Others may require a one time purchase. Entrepreneurs should weigh the benefits in both cost and time saved when deciding whether to automate or outsource the work that needs to be done in their company.


Automating repetitive work can greatly aid in innovation as it frees up time that people would otherwise be spending on tasks that are not central to what a business actually does. This is critical in startups as innovation is what moves companies forward and allows them to thrive in the marketplace. With this, SME businesses should seek to automate as much of the work that they do as they possibly can.


Automation allows companies to optimise the time that people spend at work, and this ultimately results in businesses getting more done while paying the same amount in wages. In cases where a startup has a single founder and no employees, it allows the person running the company to focus on growth and revenue instead of having to do other things that do not necessarily contribute to the business. This is ideal as it allows founders to get their company established more quickly.

These days, automation is a key factor in a company’s success, and using tools that allow people to automate tasks effectively can be a great help in any organization’s growth. Luckily, there are a wide range of these tools available that can meet any business’ needs.