Why It Must Start Today

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I want you to really listen to me now…

Can you do that?

Because, this is the big one.

No more one day I will do it, or I will get around to that.

Stop the BS!

It starts today.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

What are you going to do?

Look I maybe coming out of the box a little harsh, maybe I did not have my chill pills, but listen, get on with it.

Embrace life, embrace your life purpose, chase your dream down.

Like what are you waiting for?

Don’t wait for those special birthdays with zeros at the end as though they are something symbolic.

Don’t wait for the end of the calendar year – the new year resolutions – like does it really matter if you start chasing your dream on a Saturday afternoon?

Don’t wait for things to be perfect because guess what, they never will be perfect.

Don’t blame your past – cause you can’t change that.

Maybe you have had it tougher than me, well I get that.

But maybe there are others who have it tougher than you?

Or maybe there are people right now that need to hear your story of how you’ve climbed your mountain.

Whatever, no more excuses.

Wake up!

Get off your friggen back side.

Look yourself in the mirror.

Guys, man up!

Women, step up!

“I am too busy…”

“I am too tired…”

“I don’t know what to do…”

For friggen sake, listen to yourself, can’t you see there is a pattern of behaviour going on here and it’s not about me, it’s you?

Right now…

This very minute, this very second, you can make a decision that will put your life on a different course forever…

You may not see that now.

You may not notice the change next week.

But slowly you will become the person who you really wish to be and live that dream.

Open that savings plan today!

Make that phone call today!

Start your business today!

Whatever it is for you, do it, do it today, do it now!!!

If you want to have a different life, a bigger life, whatever that means to you, make it happen today, right now.


Years back, if somebody took me aside and had that conversation with me – who knows where I would be today. But I have had to figure it out myself. It hasn’t always been easy. Sometimes I think about things I should have done, things I should have said to others, or importantly not said at all.

I should have been less selfish and caught up in my own world and instead, thought of others.

I cannot change that, that’s my past, but that is not who I am today.

I do know that sometimes we need a firm and honest conversation.

To call it out for what it really is.

I want you to know that although we may never meet, my words are deep from my heart to you.

I believe in you.

I believe today is the day you have been waiting for.

You are ready and I just cannot wait to hear your story.

You’re going to make a huge difference. You’re going to inspire so many to follow you in your footsteps.

That’s your legacy.

Your life is now changed for ever.

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