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Why Startups Need To Know The Big Picture First

Surprisingly, one of the most common mistakes businesses, large and small, make these days, is about having a lack of clarity.

In other words, how do you see the environment that your business operates in?

Are you clear on what this is for you and your business? Do you understand what is occurring around you right now – the trends? Can you predict, or at least hypothesise, what this may mean in the future and how that might impact you?

While you could initially consider this to be part of your business “vision” and “mission”, it should be much more than that, because this is very dynamic and it is about having context as to what is happening today and tomorrow.

Too often we get caught up on the micro details and, essential as they are, they are not always the most important. We miss things!

As Michael Gerber, author of the E Myth says : “We need to start working on our business and not in our business”.

In other words, the “insights” into your business’ operating environment – the internal factors, the external factors, what is changing and what remains the same, are the essential components you need to know today.

Now, many businesses go on for years struggling to scale to that next level. Others struggle to be sustainable. Yet the failure rate is huge for businesses still in their early startup days because they fail to fully comprehend the importance of having perspective and insight.

When you do not have this level of “insight” into your business operating environment, you will also struggle and possibly fail.

Yet, when you have this “insight” of your business operating environment, then you are better positioned to make the right decisions at the right time and, therefore, more likely to be around for the long haul!

So, how do you get this “insight” and ensure you make the right decisions, at the right time, so that your business does scale and importantly becomes sustainable from where it is today?

Well, we call this “Exploring The Big Picture” and this is the first practice of The Seven Practices Of Highly Effective OutsourcingTM.

You see, outsourcing today must be viewed through a strategic lens. Because today it’s about identifying partnerships, creating alignment and building synergies. It is no longer just about transactions and the lowest price.

Outsourcing today must meet the needs of businesses today and not just the labour arbitrage of yesterday.

What this means for you then, is to look more broadly at what is going on around you – the opportunities and the threats.

There are three aspects to Exploring The Big Picture you need to know, regardless of whether you pursue a strategic outsourcing relationship or not.

When you address all three aspects, you are well on your way to ensuring your business is future-proofed to scale to the next level and being sustainable for the long term.