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“We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us” – Anonymous

When I worked for a global consulting company in my earlier days, I would be travelling all the time. It was very exciting to get instructions the week before and then find you were then assigned to a client in a new city, or even a new country. I must say say over those years I had a chance to visit some extraordinary places. From Seoul, Hong Kong, Glasgow, Wellington, Perth, Mumbai, the list goes on.

But then at some point I realised all I was doing was going from airport to hotel to the client offices. I was not really taking in the culture and all the interesting sites.

In fact, despite all the “prestige” of frequent flyer points, that life style was no longer enjoyable. To me it was a facade. Those on the outside were envious, but in reality, it was no more exciting than just commuting to work each day in my own city of Sydney.

Today though it is different!

I have my own businesses and I can choose where ever I want to work, while remaining plugged in.

For example, just last night I received an enquiry from a potential customer, “Anne” from Ireland, wanting to purchase some fair trade gifts from my ecommerce store and have them shipped to her family in Vermont, USA. I received her email while waiting in the lounge at the airport on my way to Thailand. I did some quick online research, answered her question within minutes via my phone and then boarded my flight – too easy!

I must say I did feel a little empathy for some business people in the same lounge – they seemed to be in some intense calls with their colleagues – for me, Anne was a delight and yes she then went and placed an order!

Over the next month I will be visiting numerous startup businesses across South East Asia while also catching up fellow entrepreneurs at Koh Samui in an event hosted by Andy Harrington of Jetset Speaker fame and the world’s leading public speaking expert.

I am also trialing what it is like to live the lap top life style and be travelling while I am also managing several business and a broad client base that include people like Anne shopping on my ecommerce platform, to more high end consulting clients representing large corporations.

I now feel that travelling is no longer demanding as it once was when I was an employee in that corporate world.

I believe anyone can live the lap top life style if they really want to

It will mean you have to be open to change though and implement systems into your business to enable it – but what sort of cost is that when you could as I am, for the next month, be making a living while visiting some beautiful parts of the world which I am more than too happy to share with you in the coming weeks!

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